Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Website & Vocabulary: Talk Music, Music Talk

Hi guys, another short entry today because I am still very busy, but I will have more time after this weekend so I will be sure to offer some really cool stuff. As for today, let's just look at a couple of nice websites for you to learn to use music-talk vocabulary (or maybe find some free songs to listen to?)

As you know, most people will simply say, "nice" when they talk about songs and music, which isn't enough as you know, so we need much more in order to make us sound more expert-like!

The first website is RoyaltyFreeMusic.Com, mainly for beginners. There you can find some words under the drop lists on the left side of the page.

There you will find words such as 
  • Style: Hip-Hop, Dramatic, Easy Listening, ...
  • Category: New Age, Holiday, Romantic
  • Tempo: Slow, Midtempo, Uptempo, Varies
  • Mood: Romantic, Angry, Comedy
  • Genre: Asian, Indian, Classical, R&B, Reggae
  • Instrument: Harp, Piano, Cello ...

(You are strongly advised to listen to some of those music or songs to get a feeling of what the word really means, otherwise, it is hard to understand by just looking at the words.)

The second one is the one I like best, called Stock Music,

I like this one better because it offers many many more advanced words, best for expert learners like you guys!

Of course, if you like to learn from songs, do check out my recommended songs under Songs label, and find out how to use songs to learn English under Learning Methods label.


Royalty Free Music

Stock Music

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