Thursday 15 July 2010

News and Vocabulary: Bawang and Chinese Herbs (Chinese Herbs Part 2)

Just as I have posted my previous article 2 days ago, what a news today!

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What news? This one in Bloomberg:
Bawang International Group Holding Ltd., a Chinese herbal shampoo maker that uses movie star Jackie Chan in its advertising campaigns, tumbled 14 percent to HK$5.05. Bank of America Corp.’s Merrill Lynch & Co. said if a report by Hong Kong’s Next magazine that cancer causing element was found in Bawang’s shampoo was true, that could hurt product sales and the market will react “negatively,” according to a research report today.
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Hair isn't so bouncy any more now, huh?

And so what Chinese herbs are in the shampoo? Do you know what they are called in English? I did a little research:
Image from Bawang Official Website

Radix Polygoni Multiflori / 
Ganoderma (靈芝)
Image from Mushroom the Journal
Ginseng (人參)Image from Explore Chinatown

Image from Bawang Official Website

Notoginseng (樂道三七 / 田七)
 Image from china-guide

Chinese Honey Locust (皂莢)
Image from Wikimedia
Peppermint (胡椒薄荷)
Arborvitae (側柏)
Image from Earth Forest

Image from Bawang Official Website

Ginseng (人參)Image from Explore Chinatown
Notoginseng (樂道三七 / 田七)
 Image from china-guide
Gingko leaf (銀杏葉)
Image from DailyMail

There are many more products, but I guess there are enough vocabulary for the day.

Happy hair-washing!!

tumble -- (vb) to fall a lot in value in a short time
bouncy -- (adj) able to bounce