Tuesday 9 October 2012

Technology & Opinion: "You're Holding It Wrong!" Apple Explains iPhone 5 Camera Flare

Purple flare from iPhone 5 Camera
Image from inquisitr.com
Man! Last week I just wrote an article Technology & Opinions: My Views on Android VS iOS expressing my appreciation of the iPhone 5, and it was just a weekend before Apple ruined it all again!

In my last article, I never mentioned the iPhone 5 camera flare problem, mainly because it was actually a really minor problem. It is a mistake in terms of hardware design but it is nothing that a software update (iOS 6.1 or 7) cannot solve. No big deal really!

But Apple decided to turn a small deal to a BIG DEAL.

Image from 9to5mac
No one can help Apple if they want to make a fool of themselves, taking photos at an angle or shielding light with your hand, what an irony!!! How to take good photos without good lighting? Long-term solutions, dude, not short-term palliatives.

So sorry for those guys who like to include the sun, bright light, reflections in their photos, because iPhone 5 is not going to allow that kind of photography. Light iPhoneography bye bye.

Image from Gizmodo
Now, getting people to pay big money for your sub-par iPhone 5, fine; denying and normalising the problem, bad bad bad; implying that the users are holding the phone wrong and shift the blames to the users, unforgivable!!!

A camera must be capable of taking any photos no matter where the user points the camera to, otherwise, it is simply unqualified. Asking the users to perform certain maneuver to avoid the problem is laughably ridiculous! How on earth can Apple even allow this kind of answers from their customer support? Don't they know this is going to earn them a very poor reputation? Why not just go into the root of the matter and say "we'll be rolling out a fix in the next iOS update very soon to remove the magenta flare"?

Another public apology waiting for Tim Cook.


shield -- (vb) [T] to protect someone or something
irony -- (n) [U] a situation in which something which was intended to have a particular result has the opposite or a very different result
palliative -- (n)[C] formal something that makes a problem seem less serious but does not solve the problem or make it disappear 
sub-par -- (adj) worse than the usual or expected standard:
normalize -- [I or T] to return to the normal or usual situation
maneuver -- (n) [C] a movement or set of movements needing skill and care
laughably -- (adv) from laughable -- (adj) silly and not deserving to be seriously considered


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