Thursday 15 November 2012

Technology: Galaxy Note II Q & A -- Part 1

Model pose with Samsung Galaxy Note II in Seoul September 26, 2012
Image from China Daily

Sorry for yet another Galaxy Note II entry, I am writing another big big entry on another topic, but since my readers found the previous entries really useful and questions kept pouring in, I want to do my best to help, so readers who are not getting a Note II, please just bear with me.

Question 1:

Why is it that Note II GT-N7100 has radio but Note II LTE GT-N7105 doesn't have?

This has to do with the compatibility of the kernel. Right now I have AOKP custom rom installed on my radio-capable Galaxy S2, but the radio is also missing because the kernel doesn't allow. Originally, the solution is to use Spirit FM Radio to reactivate the radio, but it doesn't work on the Note II LTE this time. The only way is to wait for a firmware update to reactivate the radio, either stock or custom.

The XDA Developers are among the best Android developers in the world, many Android tool books on sale in book stores are heavily referenced to XDA forum.

I wonder if anyone has written a book which is referenced to my tutorial?

Question 2:
Image from Recognized Contributor Stempox

When I used the earlier Android phones, the browsers can show Flash websites, why is it that Note II now cannot?

This is because Adobe has officially announced that it will not be supporting any mobile platforms, never on iOS, now not even on Android. But that doesn't mean we cannot have it on Note II or future phones.

XDA Senior Member Lucidmike has a page sharing a very easy way to retrieve this function.

The steps are as follow:

Step 1: Download the apk file to your device and install when finished. (No rooting necessary.)
Step 2: Open up any browser, except Chrome.
Step 3: Enjoy.

If you are not sure how to do it, just follow the video below.

The latest and official updates of Flash Players can be found in the page here.

Question 3:

Why is it that my Note II LTE GT-N7105 uses up battery faster than my friend's Note II GT-N7100?

Again, different kernel and different signal receiver. If you are on a 4G data plan, Note II LTE will use more battery juice to process the super high-speed  incoming data. But if you are on a 3G plan, then the battery will naturally last longer. Actually, compared with any Galaxy phones, Note II already has 3,100 mAh of battery, the largest capacity of all.

My advice is, get an extra battery if you do use 4G plan, not that you really need it as I believe the battery can last for one day but just in case you get lost in the wild.

Question 4:

The Multi-Window can only allow some 3rd party apps, can I add Whatsapp or LINE, or even Angry Birds into that Multi-Window?

Check out what Jordan has to say at 1:40 of the video below.

Build number ending with LJ4
Image from Locky's English Playground
XDA Developers have the solution. XDA Senior Member goddamnit has created mod for custom ROMs for a specific firmware version (Check your firmware version under Settings -- > About device --> Build Number)

The good news is, as of today, if you have Note II GT-N7100 your firmware is the stock firmware (meaning directly out from box without any changes) of build number ending with "LJ3", then you can also enjoy this mod without changing to Custom ROM.

For me, I'm using Note II LTE GT-N7105, build number ending with "LJ4", so I can only use this mod if my phone is running custom ROM.

Question 5:

I'm a noob! I don't know how to upgrade to the Multi-Window function that you have talked about in your previous blog entry, what can I do?

My student Ella went to a Samsung shop and got the staff to upgrade it for her. You may want to try that out if you don't want to do the firmware flashing by yourself.

I too want to give this topic a little break, if there are newer questions, I will answer them all together after a few more entries.

stock -- (n) factory, original, official standard
juice -- (n) power
mod -- (n) modification
as of / from -- starting from a particular time or date
noob / n00b, newb, nub-- (n) slang a newb or newbie; refers to the idea that someone is new to a game, concept, or idea; implying a lack of experience. Also, in some areas the word noob can mean someone is obsessed with things.


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