Thursday 5 January 2017

Food & Environment: Food Donation and Electronics Recycling for the Holidays!

Salvation Army
Image from Salvation Army

Happy New Year to you all! Haven't been away from the blog but simply more active on the blog's Facebook page, do "like" the page and get more updates.

After an enjoyable festive period, some of you must have received quite an amount of snacks, cookies or even electronic devices? Congratulations! You deserve them! But do you know how you can deserve them even more? You may consider donating them!

Food Angel
Image from Food Angel

For those of you in Hong Kong, Food Wise HK provides a good list of organisations which will accept various food such as rice, can food and bread. Some NGOs such as Food Angel and St. James Settlement will need a bit more initiative from the food donor and take the food to their kitchens by yourself, so if you are a car owner, especially an EV owner, this is not a problem!

St. James Settlement
Image from St. James Settlement

Donation Map
Image from Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth has an excellent donation map which tags all the NGOs which accepts various types of donations, so it is easy to find one that is nearest to you!

Hong Kong Waste Reduction Website
Image from Environmental Protection Department

If you have got new electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and PCs for Christmas and the old ones are to be thrown away, DON'T! You can donate them even if they aren't working very well! The Hong Kong Waste Reduction Website by the Environmental Protection Department has a list of collection points where you can donate your old mouse, old keyboard or old workstations. If you run a company and you want to do a mass e-device upgrade, you may even call their hotline and they will send trucks to come for pick-up.

Recently, I have been involved in one of the food donation charity event organised by Hong Kong Jockey Club, Tesla and Social Career. It was indeed a great experience driving fellow volunteers to various places for unsold bread pickup and delivering them to those in need. It means even more to me because I am involved in coming up with the name Powering Sustainability for the charity initiative. I have been very active in household recycling, E-waste and clothes donation run by the Salvation Army in the past, so much that I only have a small closet and a drawer of clothes for myself., but after this bread donation event and knowing that the bread would help NGOs to make Hong Kong a better place, it makes me wonder why I have not done more in terms of food donation in the past.

Powering Sustainability
Image from Locky's English Playground
I have 8kg of rice at home, I will start with that.

Rice is most needed in terms of food donation
Image from Locky's English Playground
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Update 2:

Suddenly I see this video in Cantonese and it is exactly what I am trying to talk about in this blog post today


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