Wednesday, 13 July 2011

TV: Oddities -- Discovery Science Channel

Want to learn English in a weird way? I have a suggestion! Presenting to you, Oddities by Discovery Science Channel!!!

Of course, for your learning, I have added the entire collection to a single playlist which you can watch in just a single YouTube frame below and from our English Playground @ YouTube channel! Here comes the excitement!

There are many things that cannot be looked up from a dictionary, and even Wikipedia will give you too much to read before you can fully understand, so watching videos is the best way to learn in this case, especially when things are THIS ODD!!!!

Oddity -- (n)[C] someone or something that is strange and unusual
odd -- (adj) strange or unexpected

Oddities @ Discovery Science Channel

Oddities -- Discovery Science Channel @ Locky's English Playground YouTube Channel

Oddities Official Website @ Discovery Channel