Friday 16 October 2009

Website: (for Listening Practice)

We've been working on grammar for almost a week or more, so it is time to chill out a little and broaden our horizon. Since the last time I recommended Video, I now have yet another great website with more than enough reading articles and videos for your taste.

This website allows your to watch videos in English according to categories such as U.S., Politics, World Business, Entertainment, Health, Living, etc.

Just like the, it does not come with subtitles, but if you are looking for both higher level listening practice as well as knowledge or the most updated happenings around the world, or even some really bizarre things, this is your channel!

Not to forget that this website also has many articles for reading, so you can also have free access to world news, and it is totally free, unlike the SCMP.

Take it easy this week! Bigger topics next week!