Wednesday 30 June 2010

TV: 2010 MTV Movie Awards (Foul Language Warning!!) (Updated 2010-07-02)

Do you know who he is? 

Image from Flickr

His name is Les Grossman

Never heard of him? He is a character from one of my favourite movies, Tropic Thunder. A movie that I once recommended to advanced students, who don't mind hearing foul language.

Tropic Thunder has more spinoff websites or movies than any other movies ever!!

Websites for the characters in this movie!!!

And some spin-off websites:

Spin-off movie:
Image from CHUD
Tropic Thunder: Rain of Madness

Now, even Les Grossman will have his own movie!!!

Okay... then what is so special about him? Well, ever since this movie came out, the world has been totally rocked by Grossman, even till now!

How can he rock the world? Take a look!

So I suppose you know who he really is by now. If you still don't, you did not pay attention to the title of the movie clip.

Now enjoy a dance by Les Grossman (from 0:20 of the clip below)

So now you know who he is? He's Tom Cruise! I re-watched Tropic Thunder again last night to recap his stunning performance. You see, to make a great movie, you need great performance from mega movie stars like Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. That is because they  rehearse they roles seriously.

 Character Les Grossman is now so famous and so loved that he was invited to reappear in several TV promos for the MTV Movie Awards 2010! That includes Tom Cruise himself as Les Grossman and as Joel Goodson of Risky Business, a movie Tom Cruise did in 1983.

Isn't it funny how Tom Cruise appeared as 2 characters? Now, that's not all, because there were two other young movie stars that were invited to appear in the MTV Movie Awards 2010 as well!

Check it out! After watching, can you tell me which movies these two young actors did?

Yeah, you are right, they did this.

The Twilight Saga -- Eclipse, image from Media.AL

The funny thing about the MTV Movie Awards show is that there are many celebrities there, old and young, competing for the grand prizes, they are super creative and they make hilarious promos-cum-openings. The host is usually a guy who can do talk shows by himself, but how about this year's?

What can you learn from watching the MTV Movie Award 2010? Well, everything you can name! See how much you can understand.

You may need to know the followings:
The Karate Kid 2010's little kid, is Will Smith's son Jaden Smith.The movie isn't out in Hong Kong yet, but  sure it will be, because of Jackie Chan, but the rating is .... don't mention it.
Get Him to the Greek
Grown Ups
The A-Team

Check it out from the Entire Show On Demand link below:

Some parts might not be able to play in Hong Kong, but just wait for the next part to load or manually press the next part by yourself.

Here's a clip of Les Grossman and Jennifer Lopez