Wednesday 4 August 2010

TV: Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Image from Capital Spice

(Hm.... by the time you get to see this article, I should be in Japan enjoying some village life......)

As I am looking for all sorts of information about Japan -- food and food, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations came to my mind. Haven't been able to watch the show for some time, but once I start watching, I can't stop. Like all good shows, I watch them because they are intellectual. and informative, my taste.

I like Anthony Bourdain's style. He's humorous, direct ... he speaks his mind, he uses great adjectives to describe what he experiences, and I like his metaphors.

6 Seasons of "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations", with the 7th one coming, how can you miss that much? Loads of new discoveries,

Na! Not every episode is that disgusting, but just to attract your attention. Hope I did the trick......

You get some short clips on Youtube's TravelChannelTV channel, but he has loads of fans who will put up his entire episode on Youtube in parts. To name a few good ones. I have added all that I can find on Youtube. This took me over 4 hours, so please make good use of it.

Season 1
Paris (France)Iceland, New Jersey, VietnamMalaysiaSicily (Italy)Las Vegas (USA), Uzbekistan,  New Zealand

Season 2
Leftovers, Asia Special: China & Japan, South Florida (USA), Peru, (Qu├ębec) CanadaSweden, Puerto Rico, Japan, US/Mexico BorderIndia (Rajasthan)India (Mumbai Kolkata), KoreaIndonesia, Decoding Ferran Adria, Beirut (Lebanon).

Season 3
Leftovers 2, Ireland, Ghana, Pacific Northwest, Namibia, Russia, Los Angeles, Shanghai, New York City, Brazil, French Polynesia, Cleveland, Hong Kong, Argentina, South Carolina, Tuscany, Holiday Special

Season 4
SingaporeBerlin (Germany), Vancouver, BC, Greek Islands, New Orleans, London/Edinburgh, Jamaica, Romania, Hawaii, Into the Fire NY, Laos, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, U.S. Southwest, Tokyo, Spain, Egypt, "So Long, Summer", "At the Table with Anthony Bourdain"

Season 5
Mexico, Venice, Washington, D.C., Azores, Chicago, Food Porn, Philippines, Disappearing Manhattan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam: There's No Place Like Home, Chile, Australia, Rust Belt, On the Street, San Francisco, Thailand, Montana, Burning Questions, New York Outer Boroughs, Sardinia

Season 6
Panama, Istanbul, Brittany, Prague, Hudson Valley, NY, Ecuador, Obsessed, Harbin (China), Provence, Vietnam: Central Highlands, Techniques Special, Maine, Food Porn 2, Caribbean Island Hopping, US Heartland, Liberia, Kerala (India).

intellectual -- (adj) relating to your ability to think and understand things, especially complicated ideas
informative -- (adj) providing a lot of useful information