Saturday 31 July 2010

News: 4,700 students hit space bar

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Okay, so I have something to say about this article here.

4,700 students hit space bar 

More than 4,700 eligible Form Seven students have been denied entry to university due to lack of space - the highest figure in six years. 

Rebecca Yu

Friday, July 30, 2010

More than 4,700 eligible Form Seven students have been denied entry to university due to lack of space - the highest figure in six years.

The University of Hong Kong took in nearly half the top students, including Choi Man-hin - one of the two students to get six As in this year's examination.

The other, Cheng Fuk-wai, has been admitted to the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Of the 35,300 Form Seven students who applied to the Joint University Programmes Admissions System, 17,613 met basic admission requirements. However, only 12,908 managed to secure places in the eight local universities.

The remaining 4,705 students may choose to pursue associate degrees or other self-financed degree courses if they wish to continue their studies.

The government will subsidize 6,400 places for associate degrees, a 16 percent rise over 2009.

"Due to the slack labor market and the strong competition for jobs, students are advised to consider pursuing an associate degree or to study overseas if their families can afford it," said Chui Yat-hung, student counseling head at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

HKU took in 173 of the 364 students who scored at least three As.

The Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination results are due to be released on Wednesday.

A HKCEE student concern group, Hok Yau Club, yesterday opened 38 counseling hotlines and received more than 300 calls within hours.

Most of the calls were about admission to the Institute of Vocational Education. The number to dial is 2503-3399.

Meanwhile, Education Bureau director Ng Po-shing warned students to think twice before deciding to repeat Form Five as it will "narrow their future." He suggested they opt for vocational courses instead.

You might be asking, "Right, SO WHAT if there are 4,700 eligible Form 7 students not getting a place in the university?"  Well, I guess all parents want their children to do well, so if there was one poor Form 7 student in the family, then I bet the whole family would not be having a good time.

The most difficult time to face is the time when the student get to know that he won't be able to study in a university, it might feel like this is the end of the road and there is no way out.

Well, first, I would say, "If you knew you wanted to study in the university, why didn't you work harder? If you had truly wanted something, I don't believe that you can't achieve it! If you did try but you still couldn't get it, then sorry to say, you didn't trying hard enough!"

But then to comfort the guy, I would say, "Silly! Of course there are other ways other than universities! There are other universities in other parts of the world, you can go outside and experience something different.

If your family cannot afford, then get a job, gain some working experience, earn some cash and while you are saving up the school fees, figure out what you really want to study!

Get some recommended textbooks online from the schools and try to read a few chapters to see if you like it. If not, think carefully to see if this subject really suits you, try another subject if necessary. 

If you think you have no mood for any studying, then focus on your career, maybe you will learn to strengthen the mind, maybe you will think studying in school is much better and so you will return to school one day, maybe you will succeed in your work field and eventually become a rich man. Studying in the university doesn't guarantee success! In fact, it doesn't, in most cases. But something does guarantee success, and that is 'hard-work'.

Can something succeed with pure luck? Yes, but it won't last long. No matter schooling or working, people always have to work hard, really hard to achieve something. In most cases, you work 100%, you gain 0% reward. If you are lucky, you get 10-20%, if you are very lucky, you get 50%, someone will get 100% or 120%, but most likely, it only happens in most people's dreams.

Be practical, use your brain and think things through carefully. Reading people's stories of their hard-fought lives will definitely give inspirations.

Time IS really money, so spend time wisely and think what you want to achieve in your life. Don't waste time on computer games, doing stupid things and regret when you look back at old age."

eligible --  (adj) having the necessary qualities or satisfying the necessary conditions
slack -- (adj) showing little activity; not busy or happening in a positive way
counsel -- (vb) [T] to give advice, especially on social or personal problems
opt for -- (vb) [I] to make a choice, especially for one thing or possibility in preference to any others