Friday 10 October 2014

The Chinese White Dolphins Tale – Part 1

A Chinese White Dolphin
Image from HKDCS

Part 1:

In 1997, the Chinese White Dolphins celebrated the handover of Hong Kong. Being the official mascot they helped raise people’s awareness. They are the symbol of prestige – a rare, small bunch, probably the lasts of its kind. They had been through some tough time when the Chek Lap Kok Airport was built in the early 1990s, but those days were behind them. Some hoped for a better future, others would remain satisfied as long as their habitat remains intact. Overall, they simply wanted to live a simple, stable life in their little natural habitat. Unfortunately, situation did not turn out the way they expected.

Throughout the years, their small natural habitat keeps shrinking as investments from the mainland China pour into Hong Kong financing construction projects after construction projects. Where there is money spent, pollution soars. What was once crystal clear water the dolphins were extremely proud of became stinking sewage and waste from numerous constructions. The dolphins know this well enough, they witness the problems, they feel the impact, they swim in shrinking free waters. A few got fed up and left, some send their calves away to clearer waters while they stay behind, some deny the situation while others decided to stay simply because of their love for their homeland. Silly, or brave things these dolphins, even though there is danger lurking at home, they always return for it.

But what happens next?

Part 1 Ends
(To be continued)

Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society