Monday 10 August 2009

Opinions: Business "Models"

Looks like if I don't say something about this topic, I will be way too out.

Last week while giving private tuition, I read a news article on SCMP about the teen models success in the latest book fair and Anime-Comics fair, and on the page there was the most prominent pseudo-model, Chrissie Chau, hugging and kissing her own supersized blow-up cushion...... the very first thing in my mind was,

"It doesn't look so comfortable to me. Who will want to hug this thing to sleep?"

Then the next thing I read was that a 13-year-old boy purchased exactly a version of this cushion and a copy of the girl's photo album with his hard-saved pocket-money, clearing his bank saving of 4 months.

"Fine! There is someone who wants it."

But the kid was definitely not the only one who have bought it, because today, I read a news article from the Standard, and it said the "Langmo" has already raked in more than $4M dollars.

So apart from becoming a professional HKCEE tutor -- a role-model of all secondary school HKCEE students, there is still another occupation which provide a real chance for earning quick money.

Of course, not everybody can be a tutorial centre instructor who could still smile after losing in a court case and being fined over HK$8M, and not everybody can be Chrissie, because it takes superior talent and courage to brush teeth and lick ice-cream the way she did. It takes a lot of guts to earn big bucks.

And inarguably, there is no doubt that the success of these people is backed up by the demand of the free market, so putting aside the questions raised in terms of the moral values they have brought up, once again it proves my belief right that,

"If you have the quality, there will be a market".

But once the moral values come into play, then only the history book can tell whether your name is sainted or tainted.