Sunday 23 February 2014

TV & Technology: You Who Came From The Stars (aka YWCFTS) feat. LINE & Didier Dubot

별에서 온 그대 (Korean Drama: You Who Came From The Stars)
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I have read hundreds and hundreds of news articles these days, there are big news but nothing really interests me (until...).

Swallowed and Digested
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Facebook's acquisition of Whatsapp was big, a huge success story on Whatsapp's part because of the price Facebook paid, and it was a smart move on Whatsapp as its competition is getting stiffer and stiffer. Many of you know that I am not a big fan of Whatsapp and instead I support LINE. That's because Whatsapp's "Less is more" philosophy just doesn't work for me, probably increasingly for the rest of the world too. As other instant messaging (IM) apps such as LINE and WeChat take the stage, Whatsapp was bound to be ousted sooner or later. In my past article Technology & Economics: Nothing Is Too Big To Fail, I predicted LINE to be "the next big thing", and I was right.

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Recently the Korean drama 별에서 온 그대 You Who Came From The Stars took LINE and many fashion brands, such as Didier Dubot, up to a whole new level due to its overwhelming popularity. Product placement in action! Inarguably, actress Jeon Ji-Hyun has been monumental in the success of the entire project.

Spokewoman Jeon Ji-Hyun
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The fans have even gone the extra mile to research on every piece of clothing, shoes and accessories Jeon Ji-Hyun has worn in the drama!!! You may want to take a look at one of the researches here.

Image from weixin.qq

Image from weixin.qq

Having up to 12 different looks in an episode basically makes it a grand solo fashion show for the actress!!! What is most impressive, personally speaking, is that she has the magic to bring the very best look out of each and every one of the pieces, so much that she even put the actual models in shame!!

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LINE has not only sponsored the show, but also released free stickers for the actress and the main characters of the show, multiplying the positive effect by a thousand times!

Free stickers of the scenes in the show
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Songs from the show, particularly My Destiny by Lyn and Hello/Goodbye by Hyorin, received 793,605+ and 676,444+ downloads in South Korea alone!! The enthusiasm from the fans are pouring into YouTube with their self-made translated romanised MTV. It is almost impossible to miss versions of Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish and Chinese versions when these song names are looked up.

As the show reaches the final 2 episodes, the audience shares and ratings are hitting all time high at 30.8%!!

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Will this male alien-female girl relationship bears fruit? We shall see on the 26th and 27th February, which is just 3 more days away!!!

acquisition -- (n) [C or U] something such as a building, another company, or a piece of land that is bought by a company, or the act of buying it
stiff -- (adj) severe and difficult
oust -- (vb)[T] to force someone to leave a position of power, job, place, or competition:
monumental -- (adj) very big

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