Monday 21 October 2013

Message: Congratulations To My Best Friend!!! Happy Marriage!!!

Lovely Couple
Image from Tiffany Chi
Massive Congratulations To John And Linda
for Finding Each Other Amongst Billions of Others 
In This Little Big Planet
Where Love Glows And Flashes Like Comets

John and Linda
Image from John
Treasure This Love As Well As Many Little Loves To Come
Make Your Parents Proud And Continues The Poon's Legacy
Have Little Johnny, John Junior, Joanna And Jerome
But Teach Them Not Scratch When Heads Aren't Itchy

Linda and John
Image from John
I Ain't No Poet And I Never Intend To Be
And Words Of Rhyme Is Running Out For Me
Have Fun Today And Forever This Be
I Know Not How To End This, So... You Start Making Some ABCs!

Best Wishes from Hong Kong!
Mr. & Mrs Locky

PS: Gift Money Upon Arrival

I normally don't congratulate people's weddings on my blog, but this time I must, considering that this is the wedding of my best friend on Earth!