Friday 15 January 2010

Beauty: More on Perfumes (Calvin Klein One Summer)

I'm not a big fan of perfume, but when you need it, you need it. I would rather smell like a fruit cake than a smelling foot. You know it can happen in summer time.

I never buy my own perfume though, I get them as gifts, and I like them! So far, I have got two, and both of them belong to the Calvin Klein One series. CK One is designed to suit both men and women, in another word, unisex. And this makes it even better because if I cannot finish using them, I always have ladies who can help me out.

Perfume has another word equivalent, and that word is fragrance. Since the last time we have learnt the terms Top note, Middle /Heart note and Base note, let's look at another way to describe perfumes:

Let's look at an example from CK One Summer:

Details from,

3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray 2009 Limited Edition
Fragrance Notes: Mint, Cucumber, Lemon, Bergamot, Green Apple, Lotus, Rosemary, Rum, Woods, Sea Moss, Sandalwood
Fragrance Family: Aquatic
Fragrance Style: Laid Back
Recommended Use Summer
Launch Date: 2009

Our focus here is the Fragrance Family.
From Wikipedia, modern fragrance family can be categorized into the following: (descriptions rephrased by me after my understanding)

Bright Floral: flowery smells,
Green: grassy, planty smells, fresh and natural
Aquatic, Oceanic or Ozonic: clean, water-like smells, liquidy
Citrus: Acidic fruity smells, with Vitamin C
Fruity: Non-acidic fruity smells
Gourmand: Scents with edible or dessert-like qualities.

Then there is the Fragrance Wheel which is an even newer classification method with 5 standard families which consist of Floral, Oriental, Woody, Fougère and Fresh, with each of them having further subgroups which might be a little too detail to go on.

Can you find the fragrance family for your favourite perfume(s)?

Then it is the Fragrance Style, which is the general feeling that the fragrance offers you, for CK One Summer, it is laid-back, meaning relaxed and not worried.