Thursday 30 September 2010

News Article: The kaleidoscopic world inside a Hong Kong tram

Something local, something cool.

There are many more beautiful pictures in the website of the article below, but I can't copy them, so you can go there and read up.

But if you want vocabulary, you can stay here first. And if you like old things about Hong Kong, you are highly adviced to visit Gwulo : Old Hong Kong

Possible location: Des Voeux Road Central
Image from

 The kaleidoscopic world inside a Hong Kong tram

CNNGo reader Edison Hung takes a ride on a tram and enjoys the diversity of people within, still using Hong Kong's oldest transportation system

By Edison Hung 29 September, 2010

If I am asked to pick a word to describe the tram -- the oldest public transportation in Hong Kong, running since 1904, I would choose bizarre. It is bizarre in the sense that its existence is actually contrary to the living qualities modern people pursue in everyday life. 

It is not efficient in terms of speed. It is not comfortable as there is no air-conditioning or nice fabric seating. Unlike the bus or minibus, where the passengers can enjoy TV or the radio, there is no entertainment provided.

Nevertheless, the tram has run on the Hong Kong Island for more than a century, and I am pretty sure that we will hear the ‘ding-ding’ sound ringing from the tram for a long period of time.

So how can it be? What makes the tram so unique that it can still exist without being knocked out by other transportations?

Low price is a reason, but it alone can’t explain the whole picture. If you pay enough attention to both outside and inside a tram car, it is not difficult to discover the rich diversity of passengers which cannot be found in any other transportation.

Observing their activities and the street scenes is not only interesting, but also a way to unveil a missed part of life in Hong Kong.

It is not surprising to find elderly on the vehicle, but seldom do people notice that more old people like to go upstairs. Probably it is because the tram moves slowly, making it safer when they are moving up and down.

To start their day, the elderly take the tram to different parks along the railway like Victoria Park for morning exercise, tai chi practice or a game of chess. After a morning of activities, it's time to take care of their grandchildren, as their parents have gone for working.

Riding the tram is also a good way of spending a nice, sunny afternoon. It is not difficult to find kids sitting on their grandparents' laps, looking out the window and asking this and that, or the greybeard holding babies in their arms and waving a fan for them.

In this sense, the tram is not only about transportation, it can also be a space full of warm moments where we recall the long lost childhood memories we have with our own grandparents.

Taking photos on the tram is always a favorite among photographers, both professional and amateur. Indeed there are many places that are peculiar along the railway that are worthy to be captured.

For instance, the ‘dry seafood street’ (Des Voeux Road West) in Sheung Wan, where you can find an entire row of shops selling the same type of product such as dried shark's fin and dried shrimp.

Or taking photos of some attractive buildings in Central like Legislative Council Building and HSBC headquarters. Without a doubt it would be more difficult to take a good shot while the tram is moving, yet it is a challenge that most photographers would not hesitate to take.

Domestic helpers are another type of passenger adding color to the tram, making the ride more interesting. If it is a weekday, you can find them with several red or white plastic bags on the tram as they have just finished buying food for lunch and dinner.

The tram is so convenient for them since it can take them to different street markets: Wan Chai Market, Shau Kei Wan Market and North Point Market in particular, which the tram runs through directly. Having the tram pass through the market appears dangerous yet it remains very safe to shop in Hong Kong.

The scene is different on Sundays. It is every domestic worker's day off. Victoria Park and Statue Square are popular hangout places for them to spend with their peers.

Since the tram can reach both locations directly, it is the favored means of transportation. Surrounded by the restless buzz of Filipino and Indonesian workers, you can find them everywhere inside a tram car.

Being slow finds its advantage at night, when lovers can enjoy more romantic moments being together on the tram. Ladies usually sit next to the window and lean lightly against their partners’ shoulders. After a hard day of work, couples can now embrace in the gentle breeze blowing in and relax with their beloved one.

The tram can be a reflection of a society in microscopic scale, which enables a deeper understanding of people's lifestyles. Apart from those mentioned above, there are indeed many more types of passengers: half-drunken ladies in provocative wear singing loudly after having a good time in Lan Kwai Fong, foreigners looking up and down from a map to check where they should get off, to name but a few.

So why don’t you take a tram ride and explore yourself?

Service Information of Tram:

Fee: HK$2 for adults, HK$1 for senior citizens and children

Operation hour: from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Website of Hong Kong Tramways Limited :
'Ding Ding' Hong Kong Tram Guide by Hong Kong Tourism Board:

kaleidoscope -- (n) [C] a tube-like toy that you look through to see different patterns of light made by pieces of coloured glass and mirrors

kaleidoscopic -- (adj) quickly changing from one thing to another
bizarre --(adj) very strange and unusual
pursue -- (vb) [T] If you pursue a plan, activity or situation, you try to do it or achieve it, usually over a long period of time
lap -- (n) [C usually singular] the top surface of the upper part of the legs of a person who is sitting down
greybeard -- (n) men with grey beard on the face.
amateur -- (n) a person who takes part in an activity for pleasure, not as a job
peculiar -- (adj) unusual and strange, sometimes in an unpleasant way
restless -- (adj) unwilling or unable to stay still or to be quiet and calm, because you are worried or bored
buzz -- (n)[S] informal a feeling of excitement, energy and pleasure
microscopic -- (adj) specialized very small and only able to be seen with a microscope
provocative -- (adj) If behaviour or clothing is provocative, it is intended to cause sexual desire

CNN Go News:
Gwulo : Old Hong Kong:

Monday 27 September 2010

News Article: FDA advisors urge more study of genetically altered salmon

First, let's start off with a video so you know roughly what this is all about before you read the text version of the news:

Wait, one more video, no hurry...

Now, do you think you know the story? If so, time to check out the printed text.

FDA advisors urge more study of genetically altered salmon

A panel debates the safety of the fish, developed by AquaBounty Technologies, that would be the country's first genetically engineered food animal. Instead of voting, it recommends more research.

By Andrew Zajac, Tribune Washington Bureau

September 21, 2010

Reporting from Washington

A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel debated Monday whether to endorse the safety of genetically engineered salmon, but instead urged the agency to require more studies to demonstrate the fish's safety.

The North Atlantic salmon developed by AquaBounty Technologies Inc. of Waltham, Mass., would be the country's first genetically engineered food animal.

The Veterinary Medicine Advisory Committee did not vote on the FDA's preliminary findings that the fish was safe for people to eat and did not pose a significant environmental risk. Instead, the panel offered a series of recommendations aimed at fleshing out information, including the possibility that the fish could trigger allergies or other health problems in some consumers.

The panel's chairman, David Senior of Louisiana State University, said he thought members generally believed the fish was safe to eat, but were concerned that some studies had a small sample size.

One panelist, Greg Jaffe of the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest, predicted after the meeting that the FDA would eventually approve the salmon, "but I don't think the agency's going to go quickly on this."

The salmon is produced by taking a portion of the gene that protects the ocean pout fish against freezing, transplanting it into the growth gene of a Chinook salmon and transferring the blended genetic material into the fertilized eggs of a North Atlantic salmon.

The resulting fish grows during the winter months as well as the summer, unlike an ordinary salmon.

Several panelists raised concerns about the fast-growing fish, saying there were not enough data to answer key questions about allergens and other potential risks.

"There are questions that have not been answered by the data that has been presented," said panelist James McKean, a veterinarian and professor at Iowa State University.

But other panelists argued there was no difference between the altered salmon and its natural counterpart.

"I would not feel alarmed about eating this kind of fish," said Gary Thorgaard, a professor and fish researcher at Washington State University.

The panel's conclusions are not binding, but the FDA usually heeds its recommendations.

The hearings continue Tuesday, when the FDA will hear testimony about what labeling, if any, should be required if the salmon was approved.

Reuters contributed to this report.

People love the North Atlantic salmon, and so people eat them, until there isn't enough for people to eat, people think of new ways to save the fish, or make them grow faster so as to meet the demand, thus helping the fish. Sounds very ideal of course, but will all people support gentically modified (GM) fish? What if eventually, most people go against GM fish? Then the native fish will still be consumed and eventually die out, kind of like the direction that the tunas are heading, and the biotech companies go bankrupt. The question is, will most people go against GM fish? Well, that is hard to say, people need hard data to support their switch from native fish to GM fish. No data, no talk. But there isn't enough data, so in order to save these companies, not placing GM labels on GM fish might work, so people eat the fish without knowing. By then, people turn into lab rats and if no one dies eating salmon, that's the data!

Is there another way to get data? Well, yes, need to hire some GM fish lovers to risk their lives and do the testing over a period of 3, 4 or even 10 years. By then, the biotech companies would have died out sooner than the salmon.

Is there a perfect solution? I guess not. Maybe we need some fast-eating, fast-growing GM humans to consume a large amount of GM salmons in a short time and test for cancers or rashes. Still, GM humans? That wouldn't be conclusive, we need real humans.

Okay, how about speed-eating competitions? Real humans there eat quickly, we can see how they react to GM salmon after consumption? Just make sure the researchers follow every other meals these guys have and make sure they don't eat another things that might mess up the results.

Okay, okay! How about this, how about asking those unfortunate, seriously underfed people who are still eating tree barks 3 times a day (while the rest of the world consumes their shares of food) if they are willing to try out some juicy, fat GM salmons? If they nod their heads, these biotech companies can donate thousands and even millions of fish to these people and get the data they want. Really unethical for me to say this? Well then, throwing away hundreds and thousands tonnes of unconsumed food into the bin each day is not unethical? Is not immoral? I eat up everything I order in every single meal, what about you?

And so I have heard that in every 6 seconds there is 1 person dies from hunger.

debate -- (vb) [I or T] to discuss a subject in a formal way
endorse -- (vb)  [T] to write something in order to give permission for something, especially your signature on the back of a cheque, in order to make it able to be paid to someone else
allergens -- (n) [C] [specialized] a substance which can cause an allergy (= condition of the body reacting badly to something) but which is not harmful to most people
altere -- (vb) [I or T] to change something, usually slightly, or to cause the characteristics of something to change counterpart -- (n) [C] a person or thing which has the same purpose as another one in a different place or organization
unethical -- (adj) not ethical (= based on moral beliefs)
immoral -- (adj) not within society's standards of acceptable, honest and moral behaviour; morally wrong


Saturday 25 September 2010

Technology: Windows 7 Crossover Windows XP

Alright, in the last entry about Windows 7 I mentioned about a software called Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor that can help me find out whether or not I can upgrade from XP to 7, and now this is what happened about I wrote that entry...

As expected, I downloaded the Advisor, installed it and ran it, and I was more than happy to know that I can upgrade to Windows 7, only that I should install the 32-bit version instead of the 64-bit one. Well, that is okay because I have both versions.

Image from

As I was almost getting ready to press that install button, I suddenly remembered that I should at least try to make my data partition safe by hiding it, so I ran an old software called Partition Magic 8, aka PM8, ( there are many other free versions that can do the job just as well, and there is the Disk Management on your Windows XP and Windows 7 too ) because I am more familiar with PM8, and chose "Hide Partition" to ensure my data partition cannot be overwritten.

Image from

While I was doing that, a question just popped up in my head, "Why can't I have both Windows XP and 7 on the same hard disk?" I have tried to install 2 Windows ME on the same hard disk, and then later 2 Windows XP on two separate hard disks, though there was not much point doing that, there is a good reason I do this now. As I know that there are still quite a number of software not compatible with Windows 7, so keeping Windows XP allows me to ensure I can still work smoothly if anything goes wrong with the installation.

Now, this is called "Dual-booting".

Image from

The first thing to do then, was to create a new Primary Partition for Windows 7 to be installed later, and also hide the current Windows XP partition, then reboot system.

To cut short the story, the installation was quick and smooth, and the installation program was smart enough to download all the most updated drivers from the internet and saved me from lots of hassle. (But soon after that I realised the hiding of the partitions was unnecessary because Windows 7 is too smart.)

Image from

In no time, I was running on Windows 7. But let's not forget, my goal was to be able to choose which Windows to run when I wanted, and with my data partition and XP partition hidden, I need to unhide them, now how do I do that?
  1. I could either install PM8 on my Windows 7 first, but no guarantee it will work on the 7, or,
  2. I could make use of my Windows PE, a home-made Windows ME that allows you to run Windows using just the RAM (well, not really, but more or less true), which includes PM8 and other cool disk manager softwares inside.
Image from Google
And of course, I did the latter, because I hate to install something that I later do not need, and in seconds, Wahla!!! All partitions are visible now!

But now what? Will your computer now knows that you have 2 different Windows on the same hard disk and so let you choose which one you want to use?

That depends on your luck. Windows 7 has a Windows Boot Manager at startup, but if it doesn't come out, then you'll need to install something called the (second-stage) boot loader, in this case, I used EasyBCD

Following the instructions I found from the internet (please see links below), and Ho Ho Ho!!! I can now choose which ever Windows I want to boot! Hurray!!!!

After installing all the usual software I often use, I have figured out a new challenge, which I will share some time after accomplishing, or failing......

(To be continued)

Dual-boot / Dual-booting -- Multi-boot or Multi-booting is the act of installing multiple operating systems on a computer, and being able to choose which one to boot when starting the computer. The term dual-booting refers to the common configuration of exactly two operating systems.
hassle --  [C or U] informal (a situation causing) difficulty or trouble
boot loader -- a software that loads the main operating system for the computer.


For a video guide instead of reading what I am writing:

On detail use of Disk Management:

On using EasyBCD:

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Message: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2010

Image from

Hi guys, first, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

I know this is a little late to post this entry, but it's Mid-Autumn Festival, so, have to take a break.

Image from Youtube

Actually, I wasn't taking a break at all. I was too busy doing something else. Will post about it in the next entry, as for now, just want to offer you a reminder about the terms we use during this festival.

I'm looking forward to yum cha tomorrow!!!


Monday 20 September 2010

Sports: Uncommon Ball Games -- Part 1

As I was in the bus on East Corridor towards Causeway Bay, I saw this green artificial court at Victoria Park, which reminds me that there are a lot of ball games which are uncommon to English learners.

For example, Bowls, which I suspect to be the main ball game people play on the court in Victoria Park, is a game to roll a bigger ball (called bowl) in an attempt to stop closest to a smaller white bowl. The following you see is called Lawn Bowl.

Bocce is a similar sport with an Italian name, and the biggest difference is that it is played within a long court.

If you are better with a stick, maybe you should try Croquet. It's kind of like golf, but it takes a different kind of skills.

Image from

If you want a much more exciting one, how about Sepak Takraw? A Malay-named sport that is also known as kick volleyball, native to Southeast Asia. I watched a little when I was in Singapore, not my real interest, but definitely crazily skilful!!


Friday 17 September 2010

Technology: Windows 7 now? (Updated)

Install now?

What? Windows 7?

Isn't it a bit late to talk about Windows 7 now? Well, yeah, I have to agree, because I am kind of slow with computer stuff these days, but on the another hand, I don't like to constantly update my computer software. I usually do that once every 2-3 years after most of the bugs have been fixed, or when I realised that it is not enough for me anymore. So, even though Photoshop is running CS5 now, I am still using CS3. My computer is too slow for any software upgrade anyway.

What I really find interesting these days is how fast Windows 7 boots up my computer. When my computer had nothing but Windows XP after installation, I enjoyed 30 secs boot-up time. That was simply an amazing feeling, almost like coming out from a hot tub after a whole day of tiring work! Then as you install more and more software, it gets slower and slower. Well, still tolerable, but I miss that amazing feeling of quick-booting.

And I have heard that Windows 7 allows me to regain that long-gone feeling, so I would like to give it a try. And I feel good!!!! Haven't really done the timing, but from pressing the power button to seeing sky-blue starting screen on an Intel Core i5 4GB RAM computer, feels like roughly 5 seconds. Then another 15 after keying in the password, so that is about 20 seconds.

Now, the computer at my home is still Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2180 (1M Cache, 2.00Hz, 800 MHz FSB), 2GB RAM, will I be able to install Windows 7 and enjoy the same speed?

Here's my mini-research from Wikipedia,

 So looks like I am fit for a 64-bit upgrade, but 2 GB RAM is the minimum requirement, so looks like it would be safer for a 32-bit version. Since my computer is getting moody and is constantly crashing, it might soon be time to give it a fresh soul!

But for now, when it is in a good mood, I would rather let it stay in good mood, because it will surely take a long time to format and install all the software that I am using.

And also, don't just rely on feelings, there are some Pros who do benchmark tests out there. Check this out!

Updated: I found a Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to check if I can upgrade my XP to 7, Check it out here if you would like to know if your computer can upgrade or not.


Wednesday 15 September 2010

Grammar: Grammar 101 -- SVOAC

I have this question about grammar from one of my students asking me what forms a correct sentence.

Now, you might think this is simple but in fact, it is something that even some teachers are confused about.

I will now give a very basic grammatical structure of a sentence for those of you who might also have this question in mind. However, examples will be at the simplest level and it will not cover all the sentence structures.

Are you ready?

Okay. First of all, you have to know what is 'subject', 'verb' and 'object', we call them S-V-O.

eg. I agree.
Subject is 'I', verb is 'agree', object doesn't exist in this sentence.

eg. I have a pen.
S is 'I', V is 'have', O is 'a pen'.

eg. I like lobsters.
Subject is 'I', verb is 'like', object is 'lobsters', pay attention that 'lobsters' is considered as one object only.

So basically, English is a S-V-O language. But there's more! And that is, 'adverbial' and 'complement', A-C.

Adverbial generally tells us more about a sentence or a verb, and complement has a wide definition, generally it is a word or a group of words which is/are necessary to complete the meaning.

And the basic order should be, S-V-O-A-C (with exceptions, of course).

eg. I enjoyed this party very much.
S is 'I', V is 'enjoyed', O is 'this party', A is 'very much', C doesn't exist in this sentence.

And the next example is one of my favourites, from the movie Tropic Thunder,

eg. "You m-m-m-mmm-m-make me hap~py!"
(okay, should be 'you make me happy')

S is 'You', V is 'make', O is 'me',  A doesn't exist in this sentence, C is 'happy'.

Last example is this,

eg. I was washing my dishes in the kitchen at 6pm last night.
S is 'I', V is 'was washing', O is 'my dishes', 1st A is 'in the kitchen', 2nd A is 'last night'.


Monday 13 September 2010

Business Writing: "Please find attached sth..." or "Attached is sth"?

A couple of days ago, I received a very good question from a student asking me about business email writing. After getting permission from them, I am now going to share this with you.

First of all, we need to understand that "Time is money" in the business world and so, we do not need to use big words or long sentences to say what we want, which is why if we can use fewer words in business email, we'll do just that. No one wants to read long and tedious emails, they will just throw them away.

Image from

"Please find attached my report for your reference" (8 words) 
(find + 2 objects)
can be simplified to
"Attached is my report for your reference." (7 words).

But if your concern is which one is more polite and more suitable for writing to big clients, important partners or bosses, then of course, choose the first one, because it has the word "please".

Now, how about 
"Attached please find my report for your reference." 

Well, you can ask yourself this question, who should find my report in this case?

HW: Do you know who?

tedious -- (adj) boring


Friday 10 September 2010

Event: Lionel Richie - All Night Long In Hong Kong 2010

Hong Kong
Image from No Expectations

Hello everybody, it's Friday again. Time for a little break and have something relaxing to shed those weights from your aching shoulders. How about some classic songs for the ears?

Do you know how is Lionel Richie? He's coming to Hong Kong to hold a concert on the 28th September at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai !!!

Don't know, take a look at his picture might help you recall.

What? Still can't recall? He's a world-class love song master, you know? Okay, have you heard of the song?

"All Night Long"

It's impossible you haven't heard of it, right? Listen to his lovely voice in ...
"Ballerina Girl"

How about this classic sad song,

More lovely relaxing listening,

Reading for some concert style? Here's the first one,
Three Times A Lady

There's more! Here comes what I call "excellent" singing technique and "style"!!! Check this out!!!
"Stuck On You"

See, that's a SUPERSTAR!!!!

How about duet? For Lionel Richie an Diana Ross performance:
"Endless Love"

Now, are you tempted to go and watch? What time is it going to be?  It's at 8pm and only one show!!! HKU Alumni has 10% discount for his concert. Click here for details. Don't miss it, guys!!!

Have a nice weekend!!

For your listening practice, I picked "Endless Love" and this video has better sound quality:


My love,
There's only you in my life
The only thing that's bright

My first love,
You're every breath that I take
You're every step I make

And I
I want to share
All my love with you
No one else will do...

And your eyes
Your eyes, your eyes
They tell me how much you care
Ooh yes, you will always be
My endless love

Two hearts,
Two hearts that beat as one
Our lives have just begun

I'll hold you close in my arms
I can't resist your charms

And love
Oh, love
I'll be a fool
For you,
I'm sure
You know I don't mind
Oh, you know I don't mind

'Cause you,
You mean the world to me
I know
I know
I've found in you
My endless love


Oooh, and love
Oh, love
I'll be that fool
For you,
I'm sure
You know I don't mind
Oh you know-
I don't mind

And, YES
You'll be the only one
'Cause NO one can deny
This love I have inside
And I'll give it all to you
My love
My love, my love
My endless love

Hong Kong Ticketing

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Animal: Prehistoric Sharks, Other Fish and Our Environment

Hi guys, I have been keeping this entry not posted until one day something related is out, and now there is.

Is any one of you interested in a latest movie called Piranha 3D? I watched the trailer and I thought it was stupid, so I decided not to watch it. Is it really stupid? Well, you can watch this video clip review for yourself. If you want to learn some of the terms they used, here is the page.

Here's a real one:
Image from

Am I promoting the movie? Nope. Then why do I want to talk about it? Actually, I don't want to talk about this movie, except that the piranhas in the movie are prehistoric. I just want to bring up the point on prehistoric fish, in particular, the prehistoric sharks and fish that I am really fascinated by.

Okay, how about a piece of news from DBW, a China web, 500kg Chinese Sturgeon caught in Helongjiang (Thanks to Google Translate, I roughly know what the news is reporting).
Chinese Sturgeon
Image from

Chinese Sturgeon from the front
Image from

Freshly caught!!! Want more? Here's a huge Sturgeon pool!

Let's watch a huge discovery of a live living fossil, a Frilled Shark!!!

The shark eventually died. The question is, what was it doing in the shallow water? According to Wikipedia, "It has been caught as deep as 1,570 m (5,150 ft), whereas in Suruga BayJapan it is most common at depths of 50–200 m (160–660 ft)"

Frilled Shark

Here's the next one, also appearing on video camera for the first time in history, a live Goblin shark!!!! 

Goblin Shark

Cool, isn't it? Since we have seen two types of prehistoric sharks, might as well see two more, the Sixgill Shark and the Pacific Sleeper Shark. The latter can live 2,000m (6,600ft) below water surface!!!!

Here are two pictures for you to see a little clearer:
Sixgill Shark
Image by

Pacific Sleeper Shark

Not old enough? Want the oldest fish on this planet? Check out the following!!

Live baby Coelacanths!!

Nov 17 - Japanese and Indonesian researchers capture on film a newly born Coelacanth - a prehistoric fish experts see as a ''missing link'' between fish and amphibian creatures. Reuters


I hope you enjoy watching all these videos, get to practise your listening skills and find these fish interesting. Just a little question / homework for all of you to think about.


It is really amazing to see these remarkable, prehistoric fish, better swimming in the sea than getting caught and eventually die. But why is it that these fish suddenly become unobscured (not hiding)? The fact that they have been hiding from human for millions and billions of years, what make them want to show their faces to us now? Has their environment changed? If so, how much?

Fruit for thoughts.

unobscured -- (adj) not obscured
obscure -- (vb) [T] to make something difficult to discover and understand

Picture resources:

Monday 6 September 2010

Fruit: Durian (Part 1 -- Flavour and Odour)

D24 on tree
Image from

Durian, durian, durian. How many of you like it? *I'm seeing some hands raised* How many of you love it? "I'm seeing more hands raised* Okay, since I don't see any objection, I'm going to talk about this majestic "King of Fruits".

Everybody knows that the fruit has thorns that can kill anyone with one blow (if the person walked below and tree and was hit on the head by a falling fruit), everyone knows that this fruit is either smelly or smell lovely, but what interests me most is how else can we describe the flavour and odour of this fruit, so that we can speak with variety and taste.

So, how do we learn from? As always, someone first on my list of the coolest dining experts in the world,

"Anthony Bourdain, a lover of durian, relates his encounter with the fruit as thus: "Its taste can only be described as...indescribable, something you will either love or despise. ...Your breath will smell as if you'd been French-kissing your dead grandmother." ("

His simile is really lively. What's even cooler is, Wikipedia cited the season and the episode of which Anthony Bourdain said it, and of course, I have it here for you and in the entry I wrote about him:

Anthony Bourdain : No Reservation Season 2 Episode 12 -- (From 5:45)

He also added that the durian has "penetrating and persistant odour" and in fact, earlier on in the show (4:15) of part 1 of the same episode, he also describe Indonesia as durian, "exotic, foul-smelling food, some can stop it, while others can't resist." 

We don't stop here, the same Wikipedia page did homework for me, collecting a number of comments from durian-loving authors:

Writing in 1856, the Britishnaturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, "A rich custard highly flavoured with almonds gives the best general idea of it, but there are occasional wafts of flavour that call to mind cream-cheese, onion-sauce, sherry-wine, and other incongruous dishes." and "To those not used to it, it seems at first to smell like rotten onions, but immediately they have tasted it they prefer it to all other food."

British novelist Anthony Burgess writes that eating durian is "like eating sweet raspberry blancmange in the lavatory."

 Chef Andrew Zimmerncompares the taste to "completely rotten, mushy onions."

Travel and food writer Richard Sterling says: "... its odor is best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock. It can be smelled from yards away."

How would you describe durian now after learning from the experts? It's not that hard, is it? You just need a lot of imaginations and then putting them into words. Hm~~! Thinking about it makes me hungry, care for a Cat Moutain  King, anyone?

Cat Mountain King

Gas leaking!!!! Yeah!!! I love that!

majestic -- (adj) beautiful, powerful or causing great admiration and respect
indescribable -- (adj) impossible to describe, especially because of being extremely good or bad
despise-- (vb) [T not continuous] to feel a strong dislike for someone or something because you think they are bad or have no value
penetrating -- (adj) moving into or through something
persistent -- (adj) lasting for a long time or difficult to get rid of
exotic  -- (adj) unusual and often exciting because of coming (or seeming to come) from a far, especially tropical country
foul-smelling --(adj) extremely unpleasant
wafts -- (n) [C] literary a smell or smoke which moves through the air
incongruous -- (adj) unusual or different from what is around or from what is generally happening
garnish -- (vb) [T] to decorate food with a small amount of different food