Tuesday 3 July 2012

News: Amazing Stuff From Last Week -- Part 1

Sorry once again for missing out last Friday's entry, that was due to the final final quiz I have for my Master's degree, now I'm finally done with it, so I can be back more regularly, or ever so often. In this entry, I have something really really amazing to show you!

In my last entry, Technology: Turning your Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S2.5!!! I have recommended Flipboard, and Flipboard is such an amazing app that it redefines all that two-finger pinching gesture we all use to magnify the content on our smartphones. The pinching gesture are incredible, but too much can be a pain, and Flipboard allows us to read many webpages in an ebook "standard layout", saving us much of the troubles.

And because reading through Flipboard is so interesting, it allows readers to read more (skipping those you don't like and focusing on those you do like)!

This is one truly revolutionary piece of news by TechCrunch for computer hardware lovers -- Fanless Heatsink!!!

I assemble my own PC and therefore, maintain it by myself. Every time I remove the computer case I will have a hell of a time removing the fan and the heat sink to then vacuum the parts. With this fanless and dustless heatsink, I will be free from all that labour work! I wonder when I will be able to get my hands on it!

The next one is some sort of amazing words from an amazing person! GeekWire interviewed Gates to talk about the use of tablets (of course, mainly referring to the iPads) in the classroom, and Gates had no reservation saying that tablets in the classroom won’t work without keyboard! That was like an "Oops, Steve, sorry, your fantasy doesn't work in the classroom!"

The last one is just as amazing, but in an artistic way! Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki shows us his touch of genius!

It is not something we can practise our English with, but how can our English Playground misses it? Here's more!

Image from Colossal
Image from Colossal
Image from Colossal
Image from Colossal
Image from Colossal
Image from Colossal
Image from Colossal

Actually, this is nothing really new, it is a kind of art known as Optical Illusion Art, but we will never get enough of it, right? So here's more!

Image from Sevenstring
Image from fugly
Image from Cool Fun Pics
Image from CrystalXP
More to come in the entry tomorrow!!

assemble -- (vb) [T] to make something by joining separate parts
Optical Illusion Art -- (n) please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_illusion

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Sandia Cooler @ YouTube

This Fanless Heatsink Is The Next Generation In CPU Cooling @ TechCrunch

Gates: Tablets in the classroom won’t work without keyboard @ GeekWire

3D Illusion Sketchbook Drawings by Nagai Hideyuki @ Colossal

見ると触ってみたくなる立体的トリックアート @ YouTube

Optical Illusion @ Wikipedia