Thursday 5 May 2011

News & Opinions: A Big Day (News Digest)

Can't find one particular news or thing that is especially interesting, so I decided to put a few news together and comment on them, like a readers' digest.
Image from BBC News

First, there is another case of Legionnaires' Disease, but this time, it is an imported one, which means it was not originated in Hong Kong. The news of course hasn't attracted much attention from the press or the people of Hong Kong, but seems like there are more reports of this disease worldwide recently. Last month, both the Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington and the Playboy Mansion in LA, California, are said to have confirmed cases of the disease. And as I have written before, this disease spreads quickly with water, it seems very hard to stop it from spreading.

The death of Bin Laden have brought about the drop in the Hang Seng Index in the 6th consecutive days, and the 7th might be coming. It may be related as some suspected this is due to the strengthening of the US dollars, and so hot cash is leaving the Asian markets, or it may not be related at all. Anyway, who can tell?

Image from AAStocks
When the market goes up, people say that the price is cheap and confidence is up, investors are optimistic, when the market plunges, people say it has gone up a lot and it is the right time to take profit or that USA is greater threat now that Bin Laden is dead. This always reminds me of my A Level Chemistry, especially the molecular Chemistry, because those theories are almost always the unproven arguments that scholars come up with in order to explain what they see, which means "I see this is true, so I create reasons to make it true. I really didn't buy this concept! I still don't!

Image from Business Insider

Lastly, Donald Trump tried to bring down Barack Obama in the race for the next presidential election by questioning the president's citizenship, and by doing so, he helped in creating a new word in English called "birther", which refers to a person who support this viewpoint.

Image from Wikipedia

Anyway, is there a chance for Donald Trump to win the next election against Obama? The result may not be as one-sided as one may think. Let's not forget that Ronald Reagan, American's 40th President, used to be an actor too!

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