Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Website: Forbes

Forbes.com, a website that has been waiting in my blog entry list for awhile, and I think at this time of turbulence market, those of you who are interested in knowing and learning more about money should take a quick look at this website.

Most people know that Forbes is famous for their lists of world's top people: the richest, the largest listed public companies, the world's most powerful celebrities, Buffett's Top 10 stocksthe highest earning soccer players in the world, etc., but in fact, on Forbes.com, there is a lot more to offer.

Apart from these intriguing lists, another good thing about Forbes.com is that it does not only have the page for the U.S., but also a page for Europe and Asia, which means that it has news covering all there major regions on this planet. Most importantly, they are pretty updated!

There are many good sections you can explore, such as Markets, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurs, and Leadership. Still pretty much covering mainly the American side, but you might find something that you would like to know.

Forbes.com also has a Video Network with very short video clips. Great for those of you who are fresh into money markets or finance matters.

This is an extra time entry, so you will still hear from me tomorrow.

All images from Forbes.com.