Wednesday 15 July 2009

Vocabulary: Hairstyle Terminology

I remember that around a year ago, one of my students asked me some vocabulary on hairstyle, and I got her a website to read. What I really should have done, was to pick out the most popular ones and elaborate a big more on them, but I failed to do so. Now my blog is up and running, it’s about time to write an entry about it.
First of all, let’s go into the common hairstyles in Hong Kong.

Bangs (US/Canadian) /Fringe
the cutting of the front part of the hair up to or just above the eye brows level. The girl below has blunt cut bangs.

Crew-cut / Buzz Cut / Butch Cut
A close shave on the sides of the head with a short cut on the top.

Once very popular because of the guy you see from the picture. Similar to Mohawk but without the close shave at the sides and very long spikes on the top.

Finger wave
Doesn’t that look like hair twisted with your own fingers?

French braid
Three sections crossed above one another.
French Braid in the making, accompanied by a ponytail
Image from

Japanese Hair Straightening / Rebonding (SE Asia)

Curly hair to straight hair that can poke through your paper!

Hime Cut

Long straight hair below the shoulders + a cut above the shoulders + bangs at eyebrow level.

Nina Wang Kung Yu Sum’s pigtails.

Pixie Cut
shorter hair on the back and sides of the head but longer on the top.
Image from fashionindie

One bunch of hair tied up at the back of the head.

Like Claire Bennet in Heroes the TV series? Isn’t this the style you see around you all the time? If not, check the nearest newsstand for any Japanese fashion magazine.

Stay curious and you’ll learn more vocabulary!