Wednesday 22 March 2017

Environment, Education: What On Earth is wrong with these companies? Non-recyclable Packaging!

Heinz ketchup at AEON Kornhill
Photo by Locky's English Playground

What On Earth is wrong with these companies? For many many Wednesdays, I saw Heinz tomato ketchup in glass bottles being sold at AEON Kornhill at $5 per bottle. Knowing that there is glass recycling bins at my estate I am more than happy to buy them, but today, instead of recyclable glass bottles of ketchup, I see this horrific-all-new packaging for the same product sold at the same price.

WHAT ON EARTH is wrong with these companies? None of these is recyclable!!! The plastic cap, the plastic outer package and surely a layer of aluminium foil in between another layer of plastic before it gets to the ketchup, all these will eventually end up in our landfills because no recycling companies in Hong Kong will be able to handle these.

Heinz ketchup for fast-food restaurants
Photo by Locky's English Playground
And there is this type, small packets of ketchup for fast food restaurants. Haven't they seen IKEA cafes in Hong Kong or fast-food restaurants like Burger King in Thailand? All ketchup is kept in huge refillable containers with pumps for customers to take what they need. Why must they come in all these horrible non-recyclable forms is completely beyond my understanding. Don't these companies have people with brains or heart for the environment?

Having seen the new package, I was so freaked out that I told myself I will not buy this ketchup again until the glass bottle-version returns. Period.