Sunday, 13 February 2011

Message: Locky's Neck Has Problems Again!

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While I was holding onto the shower head just about to spray that warm water over my head during shower last night, I heard a snap on my neck, or more precisely, the cervical vertebrae, and I felt that my head has fallen off. I gave one shout at the sharp pain, and then, my head was motionless. I couldn't turn it, I couldn't feel it.

Maicon with a throw in
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Then I know, the back pain I got from another snap before the Chinese New Year holidays while taking a throw in when playing football with my students has finally spread to my neck, and it is inevitable that I see Doctor Chan, the magical chiropractor that I have mentioned long long time ago.

The pain was not as fierce as that time when I snapped my neck in Macau, because that time, I couldn't even move, stand or walk. At least this time I can, but I knew, this is going to be a hell of a wait for me since Doctor Chan is so popular and so busy.

It was already midnight by then after I had finished my shower, so what can I do? I could either try not to move so much and wait till morning to give the doctor a call, or I could try to do some spinal manipulation by myself after learning from him while experiencing.

So, what did I do? I went to bed.

And I got  hour sleep, and then, I woke up, full of pain on my neck and back, every time I move, the pain intensified. That left me no choice but to do my own spinal manipulation. After some careful pulling of the neck bones with my own arms for 20 minutes, it was a total failure! So I could only try to sleep again in pain. It was already 5:35am when I looked at my phone.

I was then woken up by the phone's alarm clock at 7:30am and I was still aching. Luckily, my sister also woke up and after I had told her about my pain, she mentioned that her friend switched from playing football to doing Yoga. That rings the bell for me, and I thought, maybe I can do some Yoga stretching, and surprisingly, after doing some back stretches and playing with the Warrior Pose once, it really help a lot! Much better than me trying to break my own neck!

Yoga Warrior Pose
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I will still have to see the chiropractor on Monday night (so my 2011 Valentine's Day is a goner), but at least I can live for a couple of days more with bearable pain. If a little stretching is so magical, what if I really learn Yoga? Or even cooler, what if I learn Yi Jin Jing 易筋經? Since everybody is mad about Kung Fu nowadays. Could the Yi Jin Jing be any way related to Yoga? Since they are both originated from Indian.

Yi Jinjing
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Shaolin Master Shi Dejian Performing Yi Jin Jing

Learn Yi Jin Jing with Talkative Shaolin Monk in an English Way (1-13)
(please find 4-13 by yourself if you are not bored to death)

The moral of the story:

Never ever hold the head low, must not use the computer for too long without paying attention to the sitting position, and always remind myself to walk like matching with back straight.

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snap -- (n) [C usually singular] a sudden loud sound like something breaking or closing
spinal manipulation -- (n) [U] a therapeutic intervention performed on synovial joints in the spinal column
intensify -- [I or Tto become greater, more serious or more extreme, or to make something do this
leave sb no choice  -- to not give anyone a choice to make.
goner -- (n)  [C usually singular] informal a person or thing that has no chance of continuing to live


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