Tuesday 30 April 2013

Movie: Iron Man 3 Refrained Movie Review & More

Image from IMDb

There is little that interests me these days as I actually cannot afford the time to do anything other than writing my PhD proposal. The one thing that did raise my eyebrow was the Iron Man 3 movie.

Movie-goers in Hong Kong are very lucky to have the chance to start watching this movie from 25th April, even earlier than the US, let alone the opportunity to come close with the Iron Man armours at the Iron Man 3 Hot Toys exhibition. I actually went back with my Canon 7D and took some nice photos the other day. I just had to, it was an event I just could not miss.

Image from Locky's English Playground
I was also lucky to have bought the tickets early and had already watched this third episode last Sunday. At first, I wanted to talk about the details of the movie, but because many others have not watched it yet, I have to resort to talking about what we all can see from the official trailer.

I must say I am most impressed by the character Mandarin, for that he has really acted out the evilness of this character. Ben Kingsley did an excellent job and without him, the entire movie would have completely lost directions.
Are these the good guys or the bad guys?
Image from the official trailer
Another question that had been in my mind before I watched the movie was where all the other Iron Man armours come from, and whether they are once again evil replicas like those in Iron Man 1 and 2, turns out all armours are Tony's production this time, as seen in the shot below.

Can you see the other iron man armours below the ground?
Image from the official trailer

I am also impressed by the fact that in every Iron Man movie, there is always an antagonist who can easily destroy or damage his armour. It is saddening, to see what is supposed to be beautifully engineered, super tough gold-titanium alloy suit to be severely damaged by the bad guys every single time, but if the armour never breaks, how can anyone do any harm to the mighty Iron Man. In this movie, not only will we see the damage of one suit, but a few dozens of suits. Viewers like me who treasure the Iron Man suits as beauties will definitely feel tonnes of pity.

One more sad news is this movie is expected to be the last of the Iron Man movie series. Although we are expecting to see Tony in his suit once again in The Avengers 2 or maybe as cameo in other Marvel heroes' movie, like there is one other familiar hero appearing in Iron Man 3 at the end of the movie, everyone who likes Robert Downey Jr. in this role will definitely miss him. Unlike other super heroes, their characters are not as charmingly intelligent and narcissistic. The contradicting imperfection and greatness of Tony Stark create the grip that hold onto the audience so tightly that they want to keep coming for more. I dare say as long as Robert Downey Jr. is in this role, even Iron Man 4, 5, 6 will continue to be mega-blockbusters.

Image from IMDb

Maybe both Thor and Captain America's second movie are coming, and some might also be anticipating, but we all know too well that they will never be comparable with Iron Man. Let's hope that the franchise and the production company will rethink about putting an end at the Iron Man trilogy and make a few more movie of brilliance for the viewers to enjoy.

Last but not least, here are some tips for you,

Image from IMDb
  1. watch out for a glimpse of Sherlock Holmes' like Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, 
  2. notice where JARVIS exists in the Iron Man movie,
  3. remember not to leave until the lights are back on.

refrain -- (vb) [I] formal to avoid doing or stop yourself from doing something:
raise (a few) eyebrow -- to cause surprise or shock:
resort to sth -- phrasal verb to do something that you do not want to do because you cannot find any other way of achieving something:
antagonist -- (n)][C] formal a person who is strongly opposed to something or someone:
sadden -- (vb)[T] to make someone sad:
cameo -- (n)[C] (plural cameosa small but noticeable part in a film or play, performed by a famous actor:
narcissistic -- (adj)  having too much admiration for themselves
blockbuster -- (n) [C] informal a book or film that is very successful:
trilogy -- (n)[C] a series of three books, plays, etc. written about the same situation or characters, forming a continuous story

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