Monday 3 October 2011

Sport: Bowling on Birthday-Eve 2011

Thanks to all my lovely students for organising a bowling-karaoke birthday celebration for me! It was definitely great fun! I'm also happy to know that a 10-pound ball isn't for me but a 8-pound ball with two thumb holes can do me miracle! It was really a day to remember!

Class monitor Alan even went online to learn to play better bowling before the day! Great attitude! And he inspired me to write something about bowling.

There are several types of bowling, the one we played yesterday is one of the most common indoor 10-pin bowling (others include nine-pin and five-pin, and also outdoor versions as well)

First thing to learn is to choose a ball, as describe by the expert in the video, roughly 10% of your body weight is the desirable weight.

And then, it is how to hook / curve a ball. I also recommend the last method he describes of hooking a ball, especially for ladies who do not have enough strength.

If you want to learn more about bowling, you are recommended to watch the videos in this playlist:

And you will learn more about the types of bowling balls, such as plastic, urethane and resin.

Like snooker, some like to play trick shots in bowling as well!

Here's a video of what trick shots are about:

Not to mention that another student KK did something that looks like the following video yesterday (too bad we didn't take video):

I think I'm already into the game of bowling!

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