Wednesday 8 August 2012

Drinks: How To Pronounce Wine Names?

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Ever bothered you when you see a good wine and you can't pronounce a wine name? Not for me, cuz I really don't drink wine, and I always do my homework.

But if you are such a busy person and you only have time to read the English Playground, you'll know I will always help you.

First, if you have a smartphone, bookmark these webpages from,

  1. Quick Guide to Wine Pronunciation
  2. How to Pronounce French Wine Names

These two pages give you quick-and-easy pronunciation suggestions for common wines, even if you don't know IPA, you can still pronounce the words like experts.

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Then if you want something more proper on your smartphone and you don't mind paying a few more bucks, you can try Enotria Guide or WineSay. Both apps provide pronunciations and sound clips for listening and speaking practice. Wine details are also included allowing you to speak to your friends like an expert. Beware -- taste is something that differs greatly from person to person, so take it as a reference, but not seriously.

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Remember, in learning everything, someone will tell you the correct answer is this and others will say the proper way should be that.  As learners, we should stay open-minded, listen to all opinions and teachings and then select the versions you prefer while remembering that there are others out there who will disagree with you no matter what. Respect the disagreement too, because disagreements make one realise the reality.

All that matters is that you get the communications done, and that's the ultimate goal about speaking.

beware -- (vb) [I] used on signs to warn people of something dangerous


Quick Guide to Wine Pronunciation @

How to Pronounce French Wine Names @


WineSay @ App Store