Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sport & Technology: Downloading The Olympics

Image from YouTube

How many of you are as frustrated as me when it comes to watching the Olympics on TV? I don't have Cable TV, I watched it on TVB and ATV English channels like all of you, didn't get to watch the events I wanted to watch, both full or part of the event.

Like the Tennis Men's Singles Gold Medal Final of Federer VS Murray!!! Why didn't they show it???

Now, some of you will say, yeah, we can BT them, some people must have uploaded it somewhere on the internet, but instead of looking too far, you can simply watch the replays on YouTube!

The Olympics YouTube Channel has finally released these UK-only-previously-blocked videos to the whole world!

You can select the replays according the date of the event and or the types of sport and then download them if you have Real Player.

Image from YouTube
And here is the 2 hour and 11 mins gold medal game I wanted to watch. In fact, I am watching as I am writing this. Press the Play button and then press Watch on YouTube to watch.

Maria Sharapova's fan can watch the full 1 hour 23 mins Women's Singles Finals and watch how she lost the Gold to Serena Williams.
Maria Sharapova
Image from photobucket

Or if you want to see Sharapova wins, you can watch the First and Second rounds instead.

If you can't afford hours of time to watch tennis, you can go for some quick ones like Athletics men's 100m  Final, highly entertaining as you will see Usain Bolt scratching disc and shooting guns with his fingers before the race and his signature celebration after he set the new Olympic record.

Usain Bolt!! Who else?
Image from London2012

For the deeper meaning of the word "bolt", do read Idiom & Slang: Colors, Tool, Lightning & Sexy!

If you are not a tennis or girls' fan, then you should be a muscles' fan, there are ... for the ladies too.

In the Gymnastics Artistic Men's Parallel Bars Final, you will see your favourite Marcel Nguyen from Germany.
Marcel Nguyen
Image from musicmakesyoulosecontrol

You can watch many other sports which are not shown on local TV and even watch the Opening and Closing ceremony in several videos parts!

So what are you waiting for? Log on to YouTube!


But if you are looking forward to watching USA pole vault athlete Allison Stokke like my friends were through the Olympics, sorry, you are out of luck, because she is not even in the Olympics.

Allison Stokke
Image from the internet

be in/out of luck -- Informal to be able/unable to have or do what you want

Olympics YouTube Channel

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