Monday 3 February 2014

Auto & Vocabulary: What Do We Call The Parts of A Car?

Traditional petrol / diesel vehicle
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We have been talking about automobile for awhile but some of my students are saying they are not familiar with the related English terms. Well, that's easy, here are some of the best illustrations on the internet.

Image from clickbd
Some of the words which frequent appear on Locky's English Playground are

  1. sunroof, 
  2. trunk, 
  3. hood,
  4. grill,
  5. bumper,
  6. headlights
Tesla Model S, look for the capital-letter words
Image from teslamotorsclub
Other which might come in handy are

  1. spoiler
  2. side skirt
  3. muffler

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Image from hondapartworld

As simple as it gets when learning vocabulary with images.