Friday 2 October 2009

Message: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2009!!!

Mid-Autumn Challenge

Hello guys! Wanted to say Happy National Day but turned out that I didn't have the time to do so because of a washing machine situation. I was glad that I watched the firework live and I still got to find a good spot, except that there was one selfish woman smoking behind me while everyone was watching!

Anyway, this message is to greet you guys a very happy Mid-Autumn festival and do enjoy your reunion dinner with your friends or relatives! A warm reminder, don't eat too many mooncakes, they are very high in cholestrol and carbohydrates (that is mostly the sugar)!!!

I just had 2 and a quarter just now, feeling so unhealthy!

Something for you guys to play: Name the things that you can see in the picture above and other things you may eat during Mid-Autumn festival. Leave comments.

Enjoy learning!


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