Monday 28 May 2012

Technology & Event: Samsung Galaxy SIII Reviews

Image from Samsung 
This time, it is serious! Samsung Galaxy SIII has already begun selling in Dubai and it is available for pre-ordering today!!! Let's have a look at what it means by "designed for humans".

What do you think about the commercial? I think the concept is pretty cool!

Here's my interpretations of the commercial.

The first shot on the ripple lockscreen is really the most eye-catching selling point -- "it understands you" when you swipe across the screen, the water pattern follows.

The "hands-on-heart, phone-to-phone, palm-to-palm-separated-by-glass-wall" airport scene "shares what's in your heart" with S Beam and is really touching! Wedding and running hand-in-hand "keeps track of loved ones"? That's the Social Tag, a glance at yourfriends’ photos will show you their current SNS status..

The baby touches mummy's finger and "recognises who you are" is brilliant and warm! And of course that is referring to the Face Unlock function which is available on Android Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0.

The orchestra conductor swinging her hands left and right follows your every move, could refer to several functions, in particular the S Voice, which you can tell it towake up, answer, even take a photo

Girl running with scarf and the jumping wedding group with "sees your best side" refers to the Best Shot function which intelligently select the best photo for you.

Waves and sunlight -- "connects with nature" with the Pepple blue and marble white choices.

Smart Stay "waits till you are asleep".

Samsung Galaxy S3 pop-up shop @ London
Image from recombu
In fact, there are many more functions then the TV ad can say, check this following video out!

A more detailed review on words can be found here, written by The Verge :

Additional video by the xdadevelopers, a website for professional programmers, who were testing this amazing phone, see what they have to say about the phone from a programmer's point of view.

Pre-order in Hong Kong is almost over, as the phone should be on sale pretty soon. For those of you who are interested in trying it out before you buy, such as me as I want to see which colour suits me best, you can check out the following website,

Or simply, see the following poster,

Samsung Galaxy SIII

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