Friday 9 November 2012

Technology: Advanced Samsung Galaxy Note II Mess Around

Image from Samsung

Hello there, recently I got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy Note II, and of course I couldn't wait to mess around with it. And as a reasonable XDA developer, the first thing I did was to root the phone, to do so, XDA developer senior member Zedomax is the expert.

Rooting a phone has never been faster and easier. After rooting the phone, the best thing to do is to make a backup of the entire phone. Some users like to keep a clean copy of their software but you can also wait till all you favourite apps and email accounts have been added before doing so.

Personally, I renew my backup whenever I find my phone functioning at its best.

After doing all these stuff, it was time to mess with the unique features this phone offers, the best videos tutorial definitely came from Samsung Mobile on YouTube,

The first to learn is of course the features which allow true multitasking for multitaskers like me,

then  move on to all those S Pen functions,

For more videos tutorials, do watch the rest of the videos on Samsung Mobile YouTube, use all these videos as listening materials if you own a Galaxy Note II, and turn yourself into a professional user of the smartphone.

Here's an extra time news, Samsung actually reported a rapid growth in sales of Galaxy SIII after iPhone 5 was launched, leading to the recording-breaking profit in Q3 2012, even Kevin Packingham, chief product officer of Samsung Mobile in the U.S. said:

“I was shocked by the numbers. I thought: ‘What the heck is going on here?’”

Android Authority ascribed the success of the SIII to the unimpressive design of the iPhone 5, driving the disappointed potential smartphone buyers to purchase SIII. Like I said, competition is a great thing to have, don't you agree? I think Samsung does.


mess around with sth -- phrasal verb (UK also mess about) informal to spend time doing various things that are not important, without any particular purpose or plan
mess with sth -- phrasal verb mainly US to try to change or repair something, but not carefully and usually without success
multitasker -- (n) [C] people who are capable of multitasking.
heck -- (n) (exclamation) informal an expression of usually slight anger or surprise, or a way of adding force to a statement, question, etc
ascribe sth to sth -- phrasal verb formal to believe or say that something is caused by something else


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