Thursday 31 January 2013

Technology & News: Free Apps To Recommend Part 5

Photosphere mode
Image from techmaish
Ho ho ho!!! It's time for some awesome apps once again! In the past 4 posts of Technology & News: Free Apps To Recommend,  we have covered a number of great apps, yet apps just keep getting better, and the best of all 4 apps I want to share with you today, the first app is the best.

Android 4.2 Camera and Gallery
Just as you thought most on-phone camera apps have panorama mode which is cool enough, Google's Android 4.2 Jellybean on-phone camera app has pushed it to an even higher level with Photosphere! Watch the following video and you'll know.

Magnificient, isn't it? Do we need to upgrade to Android 4.2 to get this wicked camera app? You can, but not necessary, as long as you have rooted your phone, then you can simply download the APK and flash it with CWM Recovery or other Recovery system.

For Galaxy S3 (3G/LTE) and Note 2 (3G/LTE), download here
For Galaxy S2, download here
For other Android devices, try the one with S3 and Note 2 first.

I don't know about you, but I can't stop having fun with it!

LINE Brush

Image from Google Play
iPhone users have been enjoying this for awhile, and now it is finally the Android users turn. This lovely app cleverly provide the options for both photographers and artists, works like magic with an S Pen and satisfactorily with an index finger too!

Options to select your pen
Image from Google Play

Options to adjust your effect
Image from Google Play

There might be other apps on the internet that offer similar functions and effects, but few combines drawing, painting and retouching in one app!

Drawing on photos
Image from Google Play

Great app! Well done, Naver! Two thumbs up!

LINE Tools

Image from Google Play
Tools apps there are plenty, but 14 in 1? I have only heard this back in the Game Boy days. So far, it consists of ...

★Measurement Tools
●Ruler, Protractor, Horizontal Gauge, Audio Level Monitor, Compass

●Stopwatch, Timer, Japanese Calendar

★Convenient Stuff
●Flashlight, Mirror, Magnifying Glass, Spaghetti Measurer

●Calculator, Japanese Year Converter

And as usual for all Naver LINE products, there is more to come!

Image from Google Play

Image from Google Play

Naver LINE is just such a great company! I'm in love with the company's creativity! These guys they really know what we need, you know?

How can anyone not be impressed with the Japanese?

WedMD for Android 

Image from Google Play
A generous American corporation since 1996 offering free and detailed information to everyone who owns this app, 

Trustworthy Information
Image from Google Play

Select the body parts in concern
Image from Google Play
Detailed information
Image from Google Play

Medicine with pronunciation guide
Image from Google Play

For House M.D. fan like myself, this is an marvellous app to learn tonnes about medicine while commuting. Also, when you do need advice, you'll always have some decent advice from this app.

That's all for now! But more apps to come very soon!

wicked -- (adj) informal excellent
commute -- (vb) [I] to make the same journey regularly between work and home 


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