Monday 28 December 2009

Movie: Sherlock Holmes for the holiday!

Oh! My long-waited Christmas blockbuster!! Sherlock Holmes is ON!!! With the handsome Jude Law, who has the exact surname as mine, and the manly Robert Downey Junior, whom has become one of my favourite actors since I watched (an wrote about) Tropic Thunder.

I shouldn't talk too much about this movie because you shouldn't know any more than it is an action-packed, mysterious, extraordinarily witty, multi-climaxed, "bullet-train"-paced thrilling film!

Don't even watch the movie trailer!!! (I don't post it here either!) You will lose some of the fun when you watch the movie! Trust me! You won't regret it!

Here's the movie script if you want to learn the words from the movie.

manly -- (adj.) having the qualities which people think a man should have
action-packed -- (adj.) full of exciting events
mysterious -- (adj.) strange, not known or not understood
witty -- (adj.) using words in a clever and funny way
multi-climaxed -- (adj.) having many important or exciting parts
"bullet-train"-paced -- (adj.) Bullet Train refers to high speed trains around the world which can travel at least 200km/h[1], hereby using it in the metaphorical sense, meaning "very very fast".


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