Friday 16 December 2011

Movie: Must-watch & Can-Watch Movies 2011/12

Movie fans have been waiting for this Christmas for a long long time. Sure enough there are many brilliant movies to anticipate for, but there are also some that are not as spectacular or mega which still worth watching! So, here's my guide to the must-watch and can-watch movies this year and next year.

First, 50/50, a movie which has already shown in Hong Kong and didn't raise too much attention. Based on a true story, it talks about a man who lives a normal life has been diagnosed with cancer, and his chances of surviving from it was 50/50. The story talks about how calm this man was at first, but grows to fear of death eventually, how his friendships and relationships develops after cancer and how he faces his treatment. It is not a big production but definitely worth watching. The movie finds a balance between comedy, love, friendship, life and death. Definitely more than a can-watch!

Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows has been on my waiting list since the prequel. I highly appreciate the use of high-definition high-speed cameras in filming actions but showing them as slow-motions. Such technique has become a signature of Sherlock Holmes movies by director Guy Ritchie. The running scene in the forest with bullets flying around is one of the best and most spectacular scenes which took Ritchie 5 days to film.

"The bullets you see in the air are real bullets -- that's the speed at which they fly," the director said.[1]

That's amazing! From what he said, it is already worth watching! Sherlock Holmes 2 (starring Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law), definitely a must-watch! It's already on cinema! Catch it now!

No more "Bourne", Matt Damon stars in a non-action family movie as a father of two kids, who bought a zoo. Sounds ridiculous? It is based on a true story. It is fun, adventurous, and heart-warming for the cold winter. One point worth noting, I think Matt acts like Tom Hanks in the movie. Fans of Scarlett Johansson will not want to miss it. We Bought a Zoo, showing on the 29th December 2011.[2] A Can-watch I say.

Fans of MIB are back in the hunt for more disobedient aliens because Men In Black 3 is back with agents no other than Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones!! What are they up to this time? Time Jumping!!! Opening on the 24th May 2012.[3] More than a Can-watch, but I need more info to confirm.

Another remake of Spiderman? Well, yeah, maybe the advancement in technology has allowed better movies to be made and so we will be seeing another original Spiderman movie, called The Amazing Spider-man which will be on cinema some time next year (does that mean the last one was not amazing enough?) A Can-watch if there is no better ones to watch by then.[4]

But wait, talking about better ones, Marvel's The Avengers is definitely the one to catch, with the class of superheroes such as Captain America, Ironman, the Incredible Hulk, Thor and the new addition of Black Widow, this action-packed movie is one that you won't want to miss! Coming to the cinema some time in 2012.[5]

Use these trailers to practice your listening skills, and see if you are interested in any of them.

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50/50 Trailer 2011 HD @ YouTube

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