Monday, 15 August 2011

Living : Taobao-ing

Internet shopping isn't safe? Well, of course it is not, the internet is never a safe place, but there are so many advantages doing internet shopping over your normal street shopping. First, you don't need to walk, second, you don't need to pay with real cash, which makes you think you are not actually paying, third, you don't need to carry your shopping home by yourself because your shopping will be delivered to your doorsteps.

Shopping arriving at my home
I've done shopping on Alibaba before, and it was good. On Taobao, it was my first time, but I enjoyed it a lot Not because I didn't have to do it by myself as my sister helped me do everything, but I enjoyed the choosing of my camera bag, the plan to find the cheapest way to get all the goods delivered, and the best of all, the waiting.

 The waiting is actually the best part of the whole online shopping experience. It is like, when you go fishing, if you knew there are fish in that barrel, it is no fun! But if you have to wait and try, try and wait for the whole day, and in the end, you get a big fish you like, that experience is rewarding! Shopping online is the same feeling. You knew you have to spend time comparing the product, searching for the best price, finding the best supplier, getting it delivered to the right place, checking up on the delivery progress and waiting for the goods to arrive, but finally getting what you ordered is the ultimate satisfaction!

My camera bag and my camera strap and some free gifts
 Is it worth it? I definitely think so It is fun to try? You bet!
 What might be a bit troublesome, is you need to either have a bank account in China, or you will need to have a Circle K near by to buy Taodots and then upload that to your account. And the fact that you have to witness your HK$200 to turn into RMB$160 isn't too encouraging. But if you can get through that, you will enjoy the experience.

The camera case for my 1-year-old Olympus PEN EPL-1