Friday 12 July 2013

Vocabulary: All Sorts of Faces

There are so many human facial expressions, some really disgusts us, like the one on your boss' face, some are more adorable than the terms imply. I have a few words here maybe you would like to take a look.

Bitchy Resting Face & Asshole Face
I came across this term recently when I was reading on Flipboard and I must say I really like the production quality of this video!

An alternative to the above is a po-faced person, probably from pot or toilet according to Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Poker Face
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Popularised by Lady Gaga's song, poker face is actually from the Poker game. Since it is a card game of mind and wit, it is very important for no one to figure out what you are thinking. The brilliant Warren Buffett is a big fan of this game too, do you think he is really good at hiding what his cards are?

Warren Buffett in a poker tournament
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Poker face is very similar to straight face, both are intentional and lacking in emotions, but the difference lies in the fact that straight face is related to something funny, whereas poker face isn't.

Evil eye / evil look
Nothing tricky about it, the term speaks for itself, but can it be funny in any ways?

Bald Face / Bold Face
When describing someone who is shameless about their bad-doings, this term has got to the best!

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Is this a bold face?
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Pasty Face
R from Warm Bodies
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Weak and pale, zombie-looking face is pasty face, but don't think they all look as good as 'R' in the movie Warm Bodies.

No penalty? Was Frabregas flabbergasted?
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An adjective that describes someone who is shocked when being told the unexpected. Always happened to footballers when they didn't get the penalty they wanted.

The O Face

Er... how should I explain this? I think you can guess from the video above, if not, the photos below should do the job well.

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Still don't know?

Urbandictionary says that, O-Face is a term used in the movie Office Space to describe the face one makes when achieving orgasm.

bitchy resting face -- (n) a bitchy, sad, angry face on a woman with no reason
Asshole face -- (n) a man who looks unpleasant 
straight-faced -- (adj) without laughing or smilingserious expression on your face that you use when you do not want someone to know that you think something is funny:
bald-faced -- (adj) mainly US (US also boldfaced) showing no shame or embarrassment about doing something bad:
po-faced -- (adj) informal describes someone whose face shows a seriousdisapproving, or empty expression:
pasty-faced -- (adj) looking pale and sick
O-face -- (n) [C] a term used in the movie Office Space to describe the face one makes when achieving orgasm.
orgasm -- (n)[C] 


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