Monday 27 February 2012

Message: Locky's 1st Chiropractor Visit 2012

Image from keller chiropractor

April 2009 went to visit chiropractor once, maybe went there a couple of times in 2010, then February 2011 went another time, today, I'm going back again.

This time, I guess it is one of the post-symptoms of the fever I had last Friday midnight (the other symptoms are super painful sore throat, unlimited supply for phlegm during sleep, sleep sweats, cough, sleeplessness). And also, I think my spine is very messed up, so it is time for maintenance.

Night Sweat
Image from thehealthmagic
Anyway, I'm not in a good shape for research today, not to mention I have to rush for my assignment deadlines.

Hope I can get better after the treatment today.

For my recommendation of chiropractor, see the two links below.

phlegm -- (n)[U] a thick substance in your nose and throat that is produced especially when you have a cold
sleep sweat -- (n)[C] or sleep hyperhidrosis, is the occurrence of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) during sleep.


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