Tuesday 28 December 2010

Message: Counting Down to 2011

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Totally, completely, absolutely NOT in the mood to work. Wondering why there are 4 days between Christmas holidays and the New Year holidays. It is really like a joke for the companies, because the employees are definitely not productive yet should be paid, the clients are on holidays or on "holiday mode", plus water, electricity bills, etc. Yeah, sounds like I have lots of complaints, but really, by the time I return to the classroom tonight, all my complaints will disappear because I am doing what I love to do.

For me, teaching is fun and meaningful, exciting and enjoyable. It is not easy to be able to do what you like to do, let alone love to do.
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2011 is the best time for changing jobs if you have had thought about it. Since the salary scale is on the rise, the economic situation is getting better and companies are rehiring after the financial tsunami, so if you do not like your working environment, it is time to look around and get your CVs ready to hop to a new job.
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When I can finally pick up my concentration again, I will continue to teach you how to write a great CV and then a Cover Letter.
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If you need to learn that fast, you can leave me comments to push me a bit.