Wednesday 8 February 2012

Travelling & Living: Best Airport In The World

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1
Image from CNNGo
I have lived in Singapore for years, I've studied there, I've got my tan there, I've travelled in and out of the airport many times, but I have definitely not tried spending 24 hours in the airport coz I'm not Viktor Navorski nor Tom Hanks.

Who has? It's unlikely that anyone will be stranded in Singapore Changi Airport as it was voted as the World's Best Airport 2010 by SKYTRAX, (although Hong Kong International Airport took its throne in 2011).

But the author of this CNNGo article really spent a whole day at the Changi airport intentionally back in December 2010!!! With the photos, it was really fun reading it and I was surprised to see what I have never realised or known about this airport.

Xbox-ers, PS3s and a Guitar Hero set (Terminal 2, third Floor)
Image from CNNGo
I do not intend to rewrite what he has already written, but I highly recommend you go and read it and compare it to the airport you know best. Here are the items I am most impressed with.
Free charging stations all around
Image from CNNGo
See which one you prefer?

Four-storey high The Slide @ Terminal 3
Image from CNNGo
Short article for today, long one on Friday.

stranded -- (adj) unable to leave somewhere because of a problem such as not having any transport or money
throne -- (n) [C] the special chair used by a ruler, especially a king or queen


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