Wednesday 18 July 2012

Vocabulary: Random Words This Week

Dessert! Yum!
Image from Locky's English Playground
Sorry, I'm not going to teach you how to make desserts like this one, because it is actually really easy, just cut some fruits, mix them together, and there you get it. But can you see those little jelly behind the mangoes?


Okay, how about this one?
Image from seriouseats
Do you know the name for this? or in fact, what it is? Looks like some seeds from the dragonfruit?
Image from Wikipedia
This is a kind of seed, seed of a plant, but it is not from the dragonfruit, it is from basil.
Image from burpee
Basil seed is the name! Remember that!

Next, what do we call the following air-conditioners?
Split Type
Image from
Window Type
Image from diytrade
Yes, you are right! They are called Split type and Window type air-conditioners.

Then I was re-re-rewatching House M.D. from Season 1 again this week, and every time I watch I pick up something new.

Gabe tells Doctor Chase that he is cursed
Image from photobucket / FOX
In season 1 episode 13, a boy named Gabe was involved in some kind of séance activity,
A  séance
Image from Google
Gabe was asked to out his hand on a pointer together with the other kids on a spirit board / ouija board
spirit board / ouija board
Image from epicparanormal
Gabe was then told by the spirit(?) that he was going to die within a year, and he really did get really sick.

What happened at the end? You'll have to watch it!


basil seed -- (n)[C]
spilt type & window type air-conditioner -- (n)[C]
séance -- (n) [U]  is an attempt to communicate with spirits.
spirit board / ouija board -- (n)[U] 

Basil Seed

Spilt, Window type Air-conditioner @ Wikipedia

Séance @ Wikipedia

Bulimia nervosa @ Wikipedia