Wednesday 26 October 2011

Books: "Show Me How" to be "The Complete Photographer"

I don't usually walk bookstores nowadays, especially when most of the information I need can be found on the internet or from ebooks which I have downloaded from the internet, and since I'm really a computer guy who is capable of reading off tiny little words from the monitor screen for hours, I really don't prefer to stand inside a bookstore anymore.

But when I do walk into one, sometimes I do find something good! (Then I will go online to find the ebooks and download them). The lesson learnt -- it is always good to take a walk in a bookstore.

Anyway, I have two books I would like to recommend.

Photo by Locky's English Playground
The first 2 books are for those of you who are like me, who like to learn something about everything. Show Me How and More Show Me How by Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith. The books contain illustrations and descriptions guiding you to do various things, from crafting a paper penguin to using voodoo dolls, learning to dance to peeling and deveining a shrimp. Just reading the content page and you will already find tonnes of words to learn! Too bad they are not yet available for downloading. Joint Publishing is selling them at a discount and I'm seriously thinking about getting them.

Image from Tom Ang
The third book is The Complete Photographer by Tom Ang featuring various world-class photographers. Inside this book, there are tutorials, assignments, notes and tips, from the most basic field of depth to analysizing the composition of a good scenery photograph. Photographs used in the book are taken by world-class photographers and they are miraculously beautiful! Joint Publishing is offering the book at half price at around $150. I am seriously thinking about getting it if I still can't find the ebook.

One more thing, Tom Ang has his own website,, which has a number of amazing photographs he took. There is also a book list of other books he has published and you may like to look into the others to decide on which one to buy.

Happy reading!!!

craft -- (vb)  [T often passiveto make objects, especially in a skilled way
voodoo doll -- (n)[C] 

Image from scaryforkids
devein -- (vb) [T] demoving the veins from a shrimp or a fish


Show Me How: 500 Things You Should Know Instructions for Life From the Everyday to the Exotic

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