Thursday 14 June 2012

Message: Becoming Senior Members of XDA-developers!!!

Image from Locky's English Playground
Hi, all readers of English Playground, I have yet another great news for those of you who like to hear news updates, apps recommendations, rooting and custom ROM development of the mobile technology. As you can see from the above image that I have officially become a Senior Member of the XDA-developers -- the world's leading forum for mobile software development. Samsung is also working closely with the genius software developers of this community too!!!

So, from today onwards, those of you who are fans of Android or Windows phones, you will be getting more updates and recommendations from me, especially on the Android ones due to the creativity and expandable nature of Android Open Source. If you are iPhone fans, well, XDAdevelopers actually does have an iPhone developers page, except that there aren't too many important updates available, due to the closed source slow-updating selfish monopolistic nature of Apple.

Hm... thinking about it, Apple does sound like the Hong Kong's real estate monopoly, doesn't it?

As an educator, I want the future generations to know that sharing knowledge is the way to creating a better world, so definitely I will offer much much more Android news.

Upcoming on Locky's English Playground, some real good apps recommendation which iPhone can't do!!!

Attached are two videos of Zedomax explaining why Android is a better deal for the world and our future generations. Use it to practise your listening as well!

monopolistic -- (adj) (an organization or group which has) complete control of something, especially an area of business, so that others have no share

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