Wednesday 1 February 2012

News & Technology: Samsung Galaxy SII with ICS

Samsung Galaxy Note
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A quick entry on a piece of news from Samsung, and that is after Galaxy Nexus has been rolled out with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note will soon as proven by a post on Samsung's Norway Facebook. I wonder why a Korea-based company will allow the news to "leak" on a Norway Facebook.

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This news surely sparks off some heat for the long-waited, ice-frozen "anticipants".

Some of you might be asking, what's so special about this Ice Cream Sandwich, well, thanks to my student and friend Angus, here's the video he found,

To sum up, basically I would say, Ice Cream Sandwich is an operating system which trashes iOS 5 so badly, if the Gingerbread 2.3.5 isn't already trashing it.

I've been an anticipant since the day I first got my SII. You too?

However, as mentioned in this article, we might have to wait till April to get the update, and for Hong Kong, it could be even later... fingers crossed! Let's hope it will come sooner, like end of February!

spark (off sth) -- (vb) [T] to cause the start of something, especially an argument or fighting
anticipant -- (n) [C] a word created by Locky, from anticipate + participants, refers to someone who has been anticipating to participate in an event or an activity.
trash -- (vb) [T]  informal to destroy or severely damage something
fingers crossed / cross your fingers(also keep your fingers crossed) -- to hope that things will happen in the way that you want them to


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