Monday 29 September 2014

Event & Opinions: Stunning Images and Videos of Occupy Central @ Hong Kong

Hands in the air umbrellas as anti-pepper spray measures
Image from huffingtonpost

Love is silly, for it drives people to attempt the impossible.
Love is powerful, for it gives undefeatable strength to protect what you treasure.
Love is fearless, for it never shies away from a victoryless struggle.
Love knows no compromise, for it never dims to fight for what's right.

When 'crowd' and 'order' become synonymous
Image from huffingtonpost
They came in peace
Image from mcclatchyinteractive

Touched by what HongKongers have done for Hong Kong and our future generations! All day and night long, dare to put hands in the air to defense not just pepper sprays, tear gas and batons but our freedom of demonstration, speech, press, choice, and many more. Hong Kong protesters are world-class! Peaceful and highly organised! I'm proud of you all!

Image from Alan Wong

Tear gas for peaceful demonstrators
Image from huffingtonpost
Image from Alan Wong

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