Wednesday, 25 June 2014

News & Sport: Suarez Bites, RoboJap, Big iPhone & LINE's 3rd Birthday

A Locky's English Playground production inspired by Luis Suarez's bite on Chiellini
Image from Locky's English Playground
Uruguay beating Italy? No surprise there. Italy failed to reach next round, a little surprise here, but still, none is more surprising to see Luis Suarez performing one of his best moves on the pitch again -- the Suarez Bite! This time his victim is Italy's Chiellini, who took his teeth by his left shoulder.

Hurt your teeth, Luis?
Image from telegraph
And as people say, three times a charm, to celebrate his third ever attempt, I created the Jurassic Park-like image above.

Image from bbci
Oh! So yummy! If you want to know what human flesh tastes like? You no longer need to ask Edward the vampire any more.

Skin deep
Image from independent
I wonder if he'll be banned for the rest of the World Cup.

L to R: Android robot Kodomoroid; Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro; Mamoru Mohri, the chief executive director of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation; Otonaroid, in Tokyo on June 24.
Caption and image from Mashable
We talked about Geminoid F in the past, now her sisters have arrived, and they are earned their jobs too! One being a newsreader, the other being a museum guide.

The future is just looking more and more awkwardly realistic (or realistically awkward)!

Image from Quartz

A research report says that potential iPhone 6 customers want bigger iPhone, I wonder why they bother to do this kind of research when Apple is already having their production underway and the large Android phones selling in millions.

Image from thenextweb
LINE's 3rd birthday has just past, but already they are one of Asia's largest and most popular Instant Messengers (as I have predicted since day 1)! Its stickers are incredibly cute and their games are becoming more and more addictive! My favourite of course, is LINE Rangers, seeing those cute little characters battling aliens are simply awesome! There are even forums, YouTube channels and blogs dedicated to this game and the players are from Taiwan, Thailand, USA, Hong Kong, basically across the globe!!

LINE Tee-shirts with Uniqlo
Image from Uniqlo HK
LINE is already printing tee-shirts with Uniqlo, and if they are going to make plush toys for each of the characters, they are going to make cargo loads more cash!

Here's Panic Button's LINE Rangers blog and her LINE Rangers YouTube Channel, highly recommended if you want to learn to play the game well and learn some English terms while practising your listening skills!

Okay, that's about everything I wanted to share for now! Back to PhD researching!

three times a charm -- (proverb) One is sure to succeed at a task or event on the third try
underway -- (adj)[after verb] If something is underway, it is happening now

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