Thursday 8 September 2011

Songs: House M.D. Unofficial Sound Tracks

Image from FOX
Got fed up searching for a song I like from the House M.D. episodes one by one, so I spent 2 hours finding most of the songs and music pieces from YouTube and in the end, I have found 144 videos and produced a playlist by myself. It contains 90% of every music piece used across 7 seasons of House M.D. Some have already been recommended in the earlier posts.

Having this playlist now, I can listen to all the songs in one go!! You may not be as a big fan as I am for the TV series, but surely you can find songs that you like here.

House M.D. UST Playlist @ Locky's English Playground YouTube Channel

Song: Are You Alright? -- Lucinda Williams @  Locky's English Playground

Song & People & TV: You Can't Always Get What You Want -- Band from TV & The Rolling Stone  @  Locky's English Playground

Song: No Surprises -- Radiohead & Why Try to Change Me Now -- Fiona Apple @ Locky's English Playground

Song: Passing Afternoon -- Iron & Wine @ Locky's English Playground