Friday 18 June 2010

Movie: She's The Man

Just as you think Facebook's status "It's Complicated" is complicated enough, wait till you watch this movie! She's The Man is a teens-oriented movie released back in 2006 but it is filled with fun and humour. 

It talks about a teenage girl named Viola (Amanda Bynes) who enjoys playing football a lot sees her girls' football team at Cornwall getting axed. She wants to join the boys' team but she is turned down. Her boyfriend, Justin, chooses not to support her and so they break up.
On the other hand, Viola's brother, Sebastian, who is supposed to enter Illyria as a new student, plans to fly to London to play in a music festival, so he asks Viola to cover for him by telling the school that he is sick. 
Viola, realising that she resembles her brother physically, decides to disguise as Sebastian in order to join the boys' football team at Illyria instead. She hopes to beat the Cornwall boys' soccer team and humiliate her goalie ex-boyfriend.
And this is when all the fun begins!!
This movie has many charming young guys, which suits the ladies' taste...
pretty school girls to suit the guys'...Talks about all the troubles that Viola faces disguising as her brother...
The lines and twists in the movie are just so hilariously intelligent ...and Amanda Bynes really rocks! She IS A STAR!!! She's immensely intelligent, she's cool, she's got style, she's bubbly, she's no pushover! There is no better actress to play Viola than Amanda Bynes and she is just so talented!
The movie is young, and even watching it makes you find energy! Although it is not a new movie, it has to be one of the best and my favourite teen movies ever!!! So go get the DVD! There is slang to learn (including those you use to curse someone) and the DVD should be cheap!

I also like the theme song by the Veronicas -- 4ever

Here's something extra, an interview with Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes

resembles -- (vb)[T] to look like or be like someone or something
immensely -- (adv) extremely
bubbly -- (adj) informal (especially of a woman or girl) attractively full of energy and enthusiasm
pushover -- (n) [C usually singular] informal something that is easy to do or to win, or someone who is easily persuaded or influenced or defeated