Thursday 13 March 2014

Science & Videos: Cool Science Cool YouTube Channels

The Principle of Comparative Advantage
Image from OUlearn

What am I watching these days? Well, science, technology, auto, the usual, except that my scope has broadened. Today I would like to share some of the great channels and video with you all!

First and foremost, Hard Science, hosted by Antony Carboni and Tara Long from DNews. The science, the knowledge and the demo are amazing, it's real, and the cinematography plus the editing is awesome! The multi-camera filming from different angle, the bokeh, the cuts are all just entertaining and delightful to the eyes! has a YouTube channel that talks about all awesome IT stuff and I particularly like the videos that have Mythbusters host Adam Savage in them because he always has incredible toys to share.

We know Hong Kong companies like Hot Toys can do wonders with Ironman, now there is another one, Robugtix!

Vsauce by Michael offers quick yet info-packed scientific summaries of unapparent everyday norms in his videos. He asks great questions and then answers them with research data he did through intensive reading, something that every researcher, including myself, should do and learn to do. 

Nature Hates You is evil-wittily hilariously voice-overed by Anthony Carboni from Dnews. I enjoy watching every episode to date!!! Pay special attention to the text / speech bubbles without bubbles in the videos, they are the best!!! "Subscribe or Die!"

And we have our final one for the day, OUlearn, from The Open University. They have many "X seconds in ubject Y" or "Y minutes in subject Z" that are excellent to learn! And the best part is, it's cartoon!!!! Total motivation boosters as we go into the science of economics, languages and of course, science itself.

Here's one:

So learning can be this fun through YouTube!!!

Winter Sledding in the Summer - Hard Science

Exploding Elephant Toothpaste - Hard Science @ YouTube

Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Awesome Robot Spider! @ YouTube

Event: Iron Man 3 Hot Toys "Suit Up At Hysan Place" @ Locky's English Playground

TV & Vocabulary: Mythbusters & English Idioms @ Locky's English Playground

How Much Money is There on Earth? @ YouTube


How Much Does a Shadow Weigh? @ YouTube



60 Second Adventures in Economics (combined) @ YouTube