Wednesday 2 October 2013

Science & Technology: Geeky Facts About Smartphones We All Should Know

The world's favourite camera said I am made by SONY
Image from Apple

iPhone 5s' CPU A7 Chip Is Made By Samsung
Inside the heart of every iPhone, there is a Samsung
Image from ChipWork
This is one of those movie storyline in which two men who have always wanted to kill each other end up being the offspring of the same mother! Inside the heart of every iPhone 5s, AGAIN there is a Samsung chip.

Since blood is thicker than water, they should just stop suing each other all together.


Well, actually no, not only the blood of Samsung, but also Sony, another Android phone maker.

iPhone 5s' Camera Sensor Is Made By Sony
It's a Sony! Camera sensor inside the iPhone 5s.
Image from ChipWorks
People are saying that the iPhone 5s back-facing camera is doing better than the one in iPhone 5, well, you've got to thank SONY for making that bigger 8-megapixel sensor.

"Sony has been on a roll with its camera image sensors, and a close look by ChipWorks shows that the iPhone 5 uses one of its products for the main camera.
A close-up photo shows the Sony brand name on the 8-megapixel sensor at the heart of the camera.
It's not a big surprise: Sony is very competitive with image sensors these days, and former Sony CEO Howard Stringer let slip earlier this year that Sony was supplying camera technology to Apple."

Sony Xperia Z and its 13 Mp Camera
Image from GSMArena

But SONY, you are mean, your own Xperia Z is using 13 Mp camera!!! By giving iPhone 5s the inferior you are also promoting your phone!

iPhone 5s TouchID Has Been Officially Hacked!
Yes, it has so been hacked, but it isn't that easy as expected. You'll need to take a high resolution photo and turn it into a mould for making that fingerprint copy. Still, a hack is a hack. Once you get used to those steps, everything becomes easy, eventually.

Well done, Germans!

Here, we might not be able to make our very own fingerprint copies, but we can definitely learn from the quote below. It is strikingly awakening!
Image from Forbes
The moral of the story -- We should all learn to be smart whatever we do.

Galaxy S4 In Gold
Image from Samsung Update & Twitter
I don't know what you think but I think gold phones isn't my cup of tea. I think Samsung knows that, so they only release the gold version in the Middle East. Does it just look gold or is it real gold? That would be an interesting question to find out, but if you really want a phone plated with real gold, it should just set you back about HK$3000 or US$384. Ask your nearby jewellery shop if you are interested and they will be more than happy to do it for you.

Galaxy Note 3 Without 32Gb in Hong Kong

Image from Samsung
I really want to know why the international version in Hong Kong only gets 16Gb instead of 32Gb at the price of a 32Gb phone? This is incredible! I will not pay stupid money for 16Gb less. I will wait for the price to drop to a fair price before considering.

geeky -- (adj) informal boring and not fashionable:
blood is thicker than water  -- saying said to emphasize that you believe that family connections are always more important than other types of relationship


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