Monday 17 August 2015

Event: My ASIALEX Talk & One-ish Months Before PhD Confirmation

Photo by Dr.Vincent Ooi

My apologies for writing a little too much of Tesla and EV-related posts these days, but being my most concerned topic recently apart from writing my PhD confirmation report (which is boring to talk about), I just cannot resist the temptation.

On the 25-27 June, ASIALEX 2015 held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, I presented the same research as I did at CAES Faces of English at the Hong Kong University, but unlike the last time when there were only less than 10 people attended (including 2 seminar helpers), this time I almost get a full house! Let's just say there were at least 25. I'll say most of the audience actually knew that House M.D. is a TV drama, and a number of them are even fans of Dr. House. What's more, they know corpus linguistics way better than audience at CAES. Still, I took precautions and played the videos first.

The next video is the best there is out there but since embedding is disabled, please click on the link below to watch it

Photo by Dr.Vincent Ooi
I consider my talk was a success, in a way that my audience looked to have enjoyed it, there were a number of questions asked from the floor, and most importantly, I have got to know some fabulous people in those 3 days, including Dr. Vincent Ooi from The National University of Singapore who took these two great photos of me. It is very good when I didn't have to take photos of myself to prove my presence. 

And yes, this time round I got to be on the official photos! In fact, I am the person who managed to appear the most in the photo album, a total of 7 times!!!! Here they are below:

Where's Locky?
Image from ASIALEX
Okay, here's a larger one of me
Image from ASIALEX
That's my back
Image from ASIALEX

Larger head by cropped out
Image from ASIALEX
Full head but blurred
Image from ASIALEX

Can you tell this is me?
Image from ASIALEX
Finally a clear, recognisable photo of me my back
Image from ASIALEX
In summary, the back of my head must be really good-looking, much more good-looking than my face. Oh~~~ boy!

Well, at least I got this to cheer about

I'm very glad to know that my paper has been included in the conference proceedings!!! My first formal publication apart from those on my blog @ ASIALEX 2015 #ASIALEX #ASIALEX2015
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Message: Three Months Before PhD Confirmation & My CAES Talk @Locky's English Playground

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