Friday 8 August 2014

Technology & Science: Sapphire iPhone 6 VS Unknown Samsung Note 4 & Mohs Scale feat. Oppo Find 7

Image from androidauthority
It's that time of the year when we all have to start thinking about changing new phones and new phone/data service providers, and that is because the two largest smartphones brands in the world Samsung and Apple are bringing on their latest and smartest inventions this coming September!

First, we have Apple announcing their iPhone 6 on the 9th September. Tonnes of hype for the Sapphire crystal display because it is almost unbreakable and unscratchable!!! A lot of non-Apple fan, including me, are feeling excited about this new phone!

Exactly, how come can the screen be so durable? Here's the science!!

Here's a Wikipedia table of the Mohs hardness of minerals:

Image from Wikipedia

4.7" or 5.5", which one will people flood to get? My guess is, the larger screen is going to be a bigger hit than the smaller one in Hong Kong, because Hongkongers are into TV-drama-binging, but elsewhere, the small ones might be preferred.

Its main competitor Samsung, after knowing the exact big day of Apple, wants to spoil the party by announcing 3rd September as their Samsung Unpacked in Germany, similar to last 2 years, it is roughly one week before Apple's iPhone announcement. The question is, can Samsung surprise us enough to buy their Note 4 before iPhone 6 comes out?

Korean actor and actress from the popular romantic dramedy You Who Came From The Stars
Image from Samsung Hong Kong
You may be able to name these world-class players, but bet you can't name the amount of money their received to do this series of ads for Samsung
Image from Samsung Hong Kong

Despite very buzzy advertising, the improvements on Samsung's phones are pretty weak these 2 years (though Apple iPhones were even weaker). But with the sapphire glass already confirmed, how else can Samsung rise above Apple? This will be the anticipating factor. Will there be even cooler technology than the flexible OLED we have already seen? Will Note 4 come with a camera better than Sony's, a Quad-HD display and rapid charging better than Oppo Find 7's?

Oppo Find 7
Image from Oppo

I doubt it, since both sapphire glass and the Oppo Find 7 is really hard to beat. Frankly speaking, Oppo Find 7 is my next phone on the wishlist.

Will these two highly anticipated smartphones live up to its hype? We shall see that very soon!

binge -- (vb)[U] informal an occasion when an activity is done in an extreme way, especially eating, drinking, or spending money:
buzzy -- (adj) making a buzz : filled with a buzz
hype -- (n) [U] informal a situation in which something is advertised and discussed in newspapers, on television, etc. a lot in order to attract everyone's interest:

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